Dance Technique Class

Dance Technique Class

Just like music, dancing has evolved over the years and has now become a very popular fitness and artistic routine. It is one of the best ways to achieve all round fitness and body workout. There are a wide variety of dance forms and techniques that are beneficial to your body and overall health. The good thing about this activity is that you can achieve your fitness goals and enjoy yourself in the process. It is indeed a good form of recreation and can be enjoyed in different ways. The dance technique class is a highly recommended dance class for all dance lovers. This also goes to all aspiring pro dancers, to achieve the best from all individual dance form routines.  

This dance technique class is focused specifically on developing a dancer’s strength and proper delivery of steps. This class can be offered in any dance form or genre for example, belly dance, jazz, ballet etc. The dance technique class will allow all dancers focus on fine tuning their individual or particular dance techniques, therefore, improving their overall presentation ability. Dance technique classes are a very key part of a dancer’s development irrespective of the dance focus. It also focuses on developing balance and generally enhances skill in the area of focus. It is a very important dance class especially for anyone aspiring to be professional or a dance instructor. In this class, you can fine tune all the skills you acquired in your individual dance form classes. It is highly recommended to anyone.

What are the Specific moves to Learn in this Class?

Dance technique class can be offered in all dance forms. Some techniques are applicable to more than one dance form while others are unique to a particular dance form of genre. Below are some of the skills to learn in this class.

  •  Dance Improvisation
    This is a dance technique that involves the process of spontaneously creating a dance move or movement. Dance improvisation is not just about creating new moves but also freeing the body from regular or habitual movement patterns in the dance form. Improvisation is centered on unpredictable and free movement, therefore allowing the dancer to explore authentic feelings and inspirations that have been drawn from everyday dance practices. 
  • Dance Position
    This is simply the position a dancer assumes during the dance. Mastering or maintaining proper dance position is a very important dance technique that is essential for every dance genre.  For a single dancer, dance positions may be further grouped into head, body, arm, leg and foot positions. 
  • Syncopation or Double-time
    Dance syncopation or as most instructors like to call it “double-time” is usually in sync with musical syncopation. It is a very important skill or technique in most partner dances. 
  • Spotting
    Spotting is a dance technique used by many dancers to execute various dance turns. The main aim of spotting is to achieve a constant head orientation of the dancer. This is done in order to enhance control and prevent dizziness.  It is performed by rotating the body and head at different rates. 
  • Dance Partnering and connection
    Dance partnering is performed by two partners in every partner dance (typically male and female) in which they both strive to achieve a harmony of coordinated steps and movements. Connection is a physical communication method that facilitates these movements in partner dancing. This is a very essential technique used in most partner dances. For example, following the leader in every partner dance is achieved by maintaining a physical connection.

Benefits of the Dance Technique Class

Apart from the obvious health and fitness benefits of participating in any dance routine, there are specific benefits associated with the dance technique dance class.

–          Participating in this dance class enhances skill, balance and generally makes you a better dancer.

–          It is excellent for weight loss and relieves stress

What to wear/Bring to Class

Depending on your dance form, you should come with clothes that are recommended for your dance routine. If a foot-wear is required, endeavor to bring shoes that you are comfortable in.


If you want to turn your dancing into an additional skill, then this class would walk you through it. As the saying goes, whatever is worth-doing is worth doing well. Enroll in the dance technique class today and boost your confidence and skills.