Contemporary Dance Class

Contemporary Dance Class

As we all know, dance has the ability to boost one’s mood and energy levels, while improving fitness. It is a great activity to escape the stressors from work and other factors. Also, dancing is an avenue for one to express his emotions in the best and most creative way possible.

With the lift dancing provides to anybody, it has evolved through time and has become available in many forms. However, the most performed dances today usually fall on the contemporary dance group, which is comprised of different dance forms.

There are 9 dance forms that fall into the contemporary dance category: jazz, lyrical, mambo, merengue, modern, rumba, salsa, samba and tap. However, even though these dance forms fall in the same category, each of them holds a unique trait that leaves every dancer wanting for more time on the floor. So, if you’d want to learn one or some of them, we got you covered!

We offer dance classes on these contemporary dance forms for kids, adults and exclusive groups. Our classes are divided into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. This classification allows our expert instructors to teach you dancing in the most effective, fun and positively impactful way for you.

Dance Forms and Moves to Learn in the Class

  • Jazz

Jazz is a mixture of ballet, tap and modern dance. It usually uses African-American rhythms in which dancers jive into. The dance moves jazz is known for are chasse, isolations and jazz square.

  • Lyrical Dance

This dance form is a fusion of ballet and jazz. It is performed to music with lyrics inspiring heartfelt movements that enable the performer to express strong emotions. In lyrical dancing, you are expected to learn moves such as ball change, heel turn and rond.

  • Modern Dance

Modern dance conveys freedom of expression and emotion in its dance moves. It is formed to showcase rigid moves and random (but modern) costumes – contrary to ballet. Modern dance moves include flat back, spiral and chasse.

  • Tap Dance

Tap dancing was founded by African dancers in America. A dancer jives into the rhythm of the music through performing intricate foot movements. Tap dancing includes shuffling and chugging the feet.


The contemporary form of dance basically improves your ability to become physically flexible.  It improves your mental fitness, as well as promotes proper function of the lungs, heart and joints. Also, contemporary dancing has the ability to alleviate hormone-related problems especially on women.

What to Wear/Bring to Class

Your clothing style depends on the dance form you are learning. Nevertheless, your clothing must provide you a snug fit, so that you can execute the moves properly and without distractions.

Wear flexible shoes when contemporary dancing, so that your toes wouldn’t go sore and you can move around smoothly.

Pack with you bottled water, an extra towel, deodorant and slippers.

Learn the art of contemporary dancing with us! We offer classes on all the dance forms included in this category, so you definitely have more options to choose from!

Hoping to see you in our next class! Keep dancing!