Club Dance Class

Club Dance Class

Club dancing is a broad umbrella covering lots of dances with independent styles and music. This genre of dance has been in existence for a long time. Many years ago,  club dancing was just all about disco and Hip Hop but,  as the years went by,  it started growing into many different types.

Most people partake in it because of its versatility and it’s social benefits.
Everyone, no matter where you are or what you do, should learn at least two or three dance moves in the club dance genre. This dance has a number of styles, namely: Salsa,  Argentine tango, mambo, etc.

Learning any of this dance exposes you to new experiences that I guarantee you will love and end up wanting some more.

What dance moves can I learn from this class?
There are a couple of dance styles you can learn under this genre:

Disco dance
Disco dance dates back to the 70s where everyone wanted to look cool, feel cool and be counted as one of the cool folks.  This dance is basically done by the movement of the knees, the head and then topped with a truckload of attitude. While coming to class for this lesson you might wanna bring your confidence too.

Hustle dance

The hustle dance is a name used to describe some ballroom dances under disco like the swing dance and salsa.  You’ll also learn this dance step from our lessons.

Rock and roll

The rock and roll dance is also a club dance move from back in the 70s and it could either be acrobatic or not. You can learn the simple rock and roll dance  for any occasion. This dance is simple and easy to learn. It’s a partner dance and requires skill and stamina to learn.

Benefits of the club dance class

  • learning steps from this genre of dance will help you express yourself.
  • This dance class gives a sense of unity and togetherness most especially as you’ll be dancing with partners,.
  • This dance class will also be a medium of mental relaxation and relieving of stress for you.
  • Being a professional in certain dance styles can lead you to meeting different people from different places and form affiliations with them.
  • Dance moves in this genre are quite energetic,  it’ll be a form of exercise for you.

What do I wear for this dance class?
The attire for this dance class will solely depend on the dance moves you’ll be learning per lesson, so get ready some 2 inch shoes for the ladies and for the gentlemen, good salsa shoes will do.

o not wear sneakers or rubber sole shoes,  it’ll hinder your movement and swaying across the floor.

Also, endeavour to put on clothes that can let you breath properly. Do not wear a top that is too tight.

Come with a towel and a change of clothes to change into after rehearsals.

Get also a bottle of water to rehydrate you when you get tired.

The club dance is a dance for everyone who’s interested. It’ll help to increase your awareness, and then increase your level of self expression. With its many dance styles, you can  delve into whichever one you think suits you best,  or even enrol for all of them if you please.

All you have to do is register at one of our dance classes and be ready for a whole new experience. And you don’t have to come alone you can also bring with you someone who’s interested in dancing to make it a lot more fun for you. Can’t wait to meet you.