Cha Cha Dance Class

Cha Cha Dance Class

This cuban originated dance, “Cha Cha” is normally danced to an ancient music founded in early 1950s by a Cuban composer and also a violinist who goes by the name, Enrique Jorrin. This rhythm evolved from the danzón-mambo, and the dance is known as onomatopoeia, gotten from the shuffling sound of the feet of the dancers.

The Cha-cha dance style is often a welcomed presence each time it is played at salsa socials. It indicates a change of pace, and an opportunity to make clear the sensuality over speed for the next 3-4 minutes.

This dance also known as the Cha-cha-chá is danced to the original Cuban music, but in ballroom events, cha cha is always danced to Latin Pop music. The Cuban cha-cha-chá is much more sensual and may consist of more complex rhythms.

What are specific dance moves/steps to learn in the class

The moves, all together, comprises of the footwork, hip movement and the dance position. They all come in detailed description to prepare for this particular dance class.


For whatever step you take irrespective of the direction, first the ball of the foot should be in contact with the floor and then the heel being lowered when weight is totally transferred. The heel is released first when weight is released from a foot, thereby allowing the toe to remain in contact with the floor.

Hip Movement:

Hip movement is actualized by the alternate bending and straightening movement of the knees. The weighted leg should be made straight in the international ballroom. The other leg, that is the free leg, will then be bent, therefore engaging the hips to automatically settle into the direction of the weighted leg. As a step is taken, a free leg will then straighten instantly before it receives weight. The leg remains straight until it is completely free of the weight it had received.

Dance position:

When dancing Latin, stand straight with your weight put forward towards the balls of your feet. This basic Latin hold is works well with partners standing slightly apart. The man’s left hand and the lady’s right hand are both joined in an upper-hand clasp at an estimated eye level of the lady. The man’s right hand is positioned on the shoulder blade of the lady, with her left arm resting easily on his right. As a result, the dance ‘frame’ should then be firm and well connected.


  • Develops the circulatory system
  • Helps keep the heart in shape
  • Buils self confidence
  • Builds and increases stamina
  • Conditions the body
  • Strengthens and tones legs and body
  • Burns reasonable amount of calories
  • Increases flexibility and balance
  • Relieves stress
  • Develop communication skills

What to wear/ bring to class

For women:

A dress that is comfortable, simple and something you feel good in. Remember you could bring with you an added layer of jacket or a sweater that you could remove in case you become sweaty.

For shoes, put on a simple pair of shoes that you would ordinarily wear out for dancing. Choosing something with a little heel will not be out of place as it helps to put your weight directly on the ball of your foot. Avoid platform shoe because thinner soles have a better contact with the floor. Also a shoe with a closed toe is advisable. You are going to be constantly stepping forward and backwards, so don’t use slip-on shoes and backless shoes

For men:

The same conditions that apply to the women also applies to the men for the outfit. Just a simple shirt and pants would be perfect

For shoes, avoid running shoes. You could wear a pair of dressing shoes, for example the basic oxford style laced shoes. Also a little bit of heel will do (like half an inch) but the sole should be a leather since rubber soles stick to the floor.


Having gone through the article, I believe you have come to finally make up your mind on your next line of action. Whatever be the case, I assure you that enrolling for this dance class will not be a regret to you. Expect the fun, the closeness, sensuality, the communication and the rhythmic movement. It’s a wonderful work of art and also profiting to your wellbeing.