Capoeira Dance Class

Capoeira Dance Class

Capoeira Dance is a Brazilian martial art and dance form combined. It involves the elements of acrobatics, fighting and defense, while moving the body to the rhythm and beat of the music.

This particular dance form has become known because of its natural uniqueness and trait. It has also become popular for men and women dancers since Capoeira helps in improving your strength, confidence, focus and flexibility.

If you want to try learning Capoeira dancing today, we certainly got you covered. We offer Capoeira dance classes for kids, teen and adults. We also divide the dance class into 2 levels: beginner and intermediate. Therefore, you can guarantee that our expert instructors can teach you Capoeira in the best and easiest way for you, so that you can learn it effectively and move on to the next level.

What Dance Moves Can You Learn From This Class?

  •        Ginga

Ginga (pronounced as Jin-ga) is a basic move done in Capoeira. This dance move is done by positioning your arms in a defensive state, and then bending your front leg while keeping your back leg straight. Then, place the back leg parallel to the front leg, and bend both knees together. Then, put one leg at the back while bending the front leg, and then place the back leg parallel to the front leg once again. Ginga is done repeatedly and in a rhythmic motion.

  •        Balança

This dance move is executed by actively moving your legs in a side-to-side motion while going with the rhythm of the music and maintaining a defense stance and focus.


Aú is a Capoeria dance move that requires doing cartwheeling movements and techniques.

  •        Negativa

This particular Capoeira dance move is done by lowering your body and putting both legs closer to each other; the back leg in a bending position while the front leg in a straight position. Then, one hand is supporting your body weight while the other hand is protecting the facial area all the time.

Benefits for Those Who Take This Class

Learning the art and discipline in Capoeira dancing comes with a wide array of benefits to make you fit, healthier and better than ever.

  •        Capoeira dancing enables you to sweat and shed off unwanted fat with the intensity of routines you are going to perform.
  •        It is both a martial art and a dance form helping you to battle illnesses and cardiovascular diseases.
  •        Capoeira dancing helps you to stay inspired and energetic with the unique movements involved in doing the dance.
  •        It is a great way to make your flexibility and endurance better with the stretch, shake and coordination this dance form requires you to master.
  •        Capoeira is a gateway for you to learn other martial arts and defense techniques to increase body strength and physical ability.

What to Wear or Bring

To effectively perform the movements in Capoeira Dancing, you must wear the most appropriate clothing and bring the things you will need every time you come to class.


Wearing a comfortable shirt and warm-up pants would be a perfect combination to make you feel easy and comfortable when executing the movements in Capoeira dancing. Though usually, Capoeira dancers wear an all-white shirt and pants combo, you have the discretion as to what color of shirt and pants you prefer.


Capoeira is sometimes done barefoot. However, if the ground is not paved well, wearing reliable footwear such as running shoes would be the best option. This allows you to execute every move in Capoeira dancing with ease and confidence.

Must-bring Essentials

Bring a face towel, an extra shirt and a bottle of water when you come to class, so that you will stay hydrated and comfortable.

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We also offer private Capoeira Dance Classes for small groups and corporate employees for their fitness parties or social event.

Aside from Capoeira Dance Class, we also offer classes on other dance forms such as Aerobic, Pole, Piloxing and Pop Dancing.

Learn and experience this unique martial art in dance form straight from our expert instructors. Feel the best of Brazilian vibe by learning Capoeira Dance with us.  Register for our program now!