Burlesque Dance Class

Burlesque Dance Class

Burlesque is a fun and sexy workout. Whether you want to create a better body image, boost self-confidence, improve your posture, get in touch with your sensual side, or simply learn a new way of expressing yourself, then Burlesque is for you.

Our burlesque dance classes are designed to help you in creating and performing your own unique burlesque routine. The workshop will be completed by a burlesque recital. This will give you the ultimate experience of performing in front of an audience.

Basic moves in Burlesque dance

This Beginners course is intended to introduce you to the core movements in Burlesque and all the techniques while also giving you a great time to work out.

  • Classic Moves

Classic Moves of Burlesque features a routine with gloves, boa, back-hooking bra, and tassel-twirling. Firm cups are the best, but you can wear whatever you would normally wear for a movement or workout class.

  • Chair Dance

Chair Dance features stocking peel and a full chair dance routine you can put on shorts or a leotard and stockings.

  • Fan Dance

Fan Dance features choreography and techniques with small and big feather fans. High Heels not compulsory. Be sure to wear short sleeves or close-fitting sleeves so you can see arm movements.

  • Striptease Expertise and Showgirl Strutting

Striptease Expertise and Showgirl Strutting features everything you will like to know about seduction and flirting, both onstage and off. You can put on comfortable heels, a hoodie, or a cardigan, or button-down shirt.

  • Nouveau Burlesque

Nouveau Burlesque is the newest and one of the most exciting forms of Burlesque. You will learn the basics from walks to hips to isolations and even some twerking. The class also includes toning and conditioning just like a form of workout.

  • The Roaring Twenties

This is very energetic, upbeat and can be danced to hot Jazz music. The course is perfect for anyone who wants to find a fun way to get in shape and those who wish to learn this exciting dance style.

Why join us

We offer a strong and supportive atmosphere to help in building certainty and to take in the exemplary craft and classic art of the tease while attempting to locate your own inventive style.

Our Burlesque classes are impeccable on the likelihood that you have practically zero experience, hoping to have a fabulous time while taking in another execution aptitude. No experience whatever is required to take the course. Burlesque dance is perfect for all ages.