Bridal Dance Class

The bridal dance class is recommended as a starting out point for all couples. It is a great activity and is ideal for couples who just want to learn the basics or continue after the class to complete an intense choreography. Just like other dance forms, this dance also has numerous health and social benefits especially for the “about to” and newlyweds. However, the bridal dance steps can be learned by anyone and as such is not just for the bride and groom.

The bridal dance teaches couples the basic footwork and principles of how to connect with your partner on the dance floor. It also includes a few tricks and techniques to execute just in case the dance begins to get boring. A lot of wedding ceremony reception traditions today can be traced to the ancient Egyptian and European customs. In the old monarch days, the bridal dance (popularly known as first dance) was used to open the dance floor in wedding ceremonies.

This is still a faithful practice in most regions till date. As a matter of fact, it has now become a tradition in our modern day wedding ceremonies. It is a partner dance, usually performed by the newly wedded bride and groom before their guests. Other bridal dance styles other than bride/groom may include father/daughter routine and the mother/son dance. In other words, it is a recommended dance form for almost all adults and not just the bride/groom alone. It is a non energetic ballroom style dance that is highly enjoyable.

What are the Dance Steps to Learn in this class?

There are a lot of dance steps to learn in a bridal dance class. A few of them include; the waltz, foxtrot, rumba, swing, mambo and salsa.

  1.       Waltz: The waltz dance is a great wedding first dance. It is a smooth dance that involves counter clockwise movement on the dance floor. It is ideal for any of the bridal dance combinations. It is sliding and gliding dance form and is danced to waltz or jazz rhythm. It is very popular dance in wedding ceremonies and is highly enjoyed by both parties.
  2.       Foxtrot:  The foxtrot is a smooth progressive dance that involves movement around the dance floor and is danced to a 4 beat rhythm with a combination of six or eight beat patterns. It is an elegant dance form and is ideal for large dance floor or ballroom. It is a very popular dance especially among social ballroom dancers and is a great first dance.
  3.       Rumba: The rumba dance step is another ideal bridal dance and is danced to Latin music. It is a sensual and romantic dance and as such a great choice for couple’s first dance. Although this dance form is fast, the American style rumba is slower and easier than the other forms and can be easily learned by anyone.
  4.       Salsa: The salsa is a very popular rhythmic latin dance and is usually the first option for a bridal dance. Salsa is sensual, fast paced and a rhythmic partner dance. It is danced to most Latin songs and requires more time to learn than the other options.

Benefits of the Bridal Dance Class

  •         This dance class helps strengthen the bond between couples
  •         It also helps reduce the tension before the big day
  •         It is a great way to have fun during wedding preparation because it helps the couple spend quality time together.
  •         Just like other dance routines, the bridal dance class also has a lot of health benefits including weight loss and fitness for both parties.

What to wear/bring to class

For men: Dressing pants, shoes and a comfortable shirt

For Ladies: Flared skirt or dress, fitted top and comfortable shoes.


The bridal dance class is a very exciting dance routine that uniquely benefits the partners involved. It is recommended however that the bride and groom will be fully dressed in their wedding attire for the final rehearsal. Do not forget to bring change of clothes, drinker water and other essentials you may need when coming to class.