Breakdancing Class

Breakdancing Class

Breakdancing is a popular street dance form that sprung forth as a product of hip hop culture. This kind of modern dance was started in the 70’s by African Americans and Latinos, and now it has made its name in the global dance culture.

As a product of hip hop culture, the moves commonly executed in breakdancing involve snappy steps and acrobatic actions matched with a sense of hype and style. As a result, there is no doubt that a lot of people, especially the youth, want to learn this particular dance form, because it simply got the real swag to it.

Have you always dreamed of learning breakdancing, and being able to skillfully perform the dance moves as seen in the movie Step Up? Now is the time to take your dancing skills to the next level, for we offer you the best breakdancing classes that aim to teach you this cool modern dance form in the most fun and effective way possible.

What can you learn from taking breakdancing class?

We offer breakdancing classes for beginners to experienced dancers. Also, kids and adults alike can fully avail and benefit from our program. For you to have a glimpse of what we offer, this is how our breakdancing classes will go.

Our breakdancing classes are structured in a way that it caters our students well and lets them learn the dance form effectively, depending on the age bracket we are handling for a particular day session. Then, each session starts with a warm-up and some essential stretching exercises.

After which, the instructors will do a quick recap about the lesson tackled during the last session before proceeding to the class proper for the day. The class proper includes basic hip hop moves and footwork to be done. As soon as the basic moves and footwork are done well and mastered by the class, they graduate to the next level. The moves and dancing techniques will become substantially complex in the succeeding breakdancing class sessions.

In cases where you were not able to catch up with the lessons, there is nothing to worry about for our skilled, patient and friendly instructors will make sure you are put through the sessions you missed. This is to ensure you keep up with the progress of the group.

Dance Moves Learned in this Breakdancing Class

  • Top-rock: This dance move involves crossing both your legs, then spinning your body clockwise or counterclockwise until you face the front again, then hopping to get back to your original stance.
  • Robot: This popular dance move entails moving the parts of your body in a quick and snappy way. Sometimes, you must only move particular body part/s without unintentionally moving the other body parts. So, doing the robot dance move involves constant practice and discipline for you to do it perfectly.
  • Windmill: This dance move requires you to raise both your legs and make your upper body lie on the floor and use as your base. Then, you use your strength to spin the whole body while upside down. This particular breakdancing move is popular among movies and dance battles.

Benefits for Those Who Take this Class

Aside from the fun dancing and cool music you can feel and experience from our breakdancing class, you can also get several benefits, especially health and fitness ones, from simply doing it!

  • Breakdancing helps you lose weight because of the tons of sweat you can shed while doing it.
  • It is a great way to keep the body, especially the heart, healthy and functioning well.
  • It is a new way of working out without having to do intensive exercise routines.
  • Breakdancing is an artistic way to get fit while having fun.
  • It is a present way for people, especially for kids, to be exposed in the different dance forms across the globe and have respect for such art.

What to Wear to Class

Keep in mind that you are definitely going to get your body moving and grooving during the breakdancing class! Thus, it is important for you to wear proper attire in each session;


It would be very ideal if you wear something loose and comfortable during the dance class, so that you can move and dance well. A loose shirt and baggy pants are a perfect combination during the session.


Having the most appropriate footwear to use is a must not to just keep your feet warm and comfortable, but also to protect and avoid you from getting injured during the session. Athletic shoes during the breakdancing class is ideal.

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