Bollywood Dances in Movies

The Influence of Indian Style Dancing on the Film Industry!

What makes a Bollywood film popular?

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Bollywood dancing of course! Bollywood dancing is most commonly known from films produced by Indian film companies, collectively known as “Bollywood.” The key elements of any successful Bollywood film are the intricate dance scenes, moves, and steps. Original Bollywood films will display more tradition Indian dances, while more recent films will have a more modern style and twist.

Do you know any popular Bollywood dance movies and famous dance sequences?

The excellent choreography is the foundation for stunning dance sequences and successful Bollywood productions. In the film Devdas in 2002, two divas wearing elegant white chiffon saris attempt to “out dance” in each other in what appears to be a modern day “dance-off!” In another popular Bollywood film, known for its Bollywood dance sequences; Beta (1992) features an amazing dance scene called ‘Dhak Dhak Karne Laga.” The dance performance is a dancing dream sequence, where dancer Anil Kapoor, is left in the shadows by the performance of Madhuri Dixit, who uses her pelvic movements to gain the attention of her audience.

From the time of black and white films in 1951 comes the renowned film ‘Awaara,’ in which the lead actress welcomes home a wanderer on a grand stairway. Despite the fact that during the time this film was produced long dance sequences were not yet very popular, this well-constructed nine-minute dance dream sequence is off the charts and is very well-liked.

What makes a Bollywood film different than a film from Hollywood?

Unlike Hollywood movies, which do not require even a single dance scene, all Bollywood movies feature Bollywood dancing. In Hollywood, there is only one category of film that will likely include any dance scenes or musical numbers: musicals. If it’s not a musical in Hollywood, it will not have dancing. The main difference between Bollywood and Hollywood film productions is the dancing! Bollywood films will all have Bollywood dances; without Bollywood dance, it simply cannot be a Bollywood film!

Although in recent years, modern Bollywood dances have been significantly influenced by Western culture, and have adapted to fit today’s pop culture standards, Bollywood dances are still heavily influenced by traditional Indian culture and Hindi customs. Bollywood dancers are also famous for wearing luxurious costumes with heavy jewelry. In contrast, Hollywood characters do not usually require heavy jewelry and cultural clothing; characters in Hollywood films can be dressed in plain clothes and or complicated costumes too.

Bollywood is known for having a very large emphasis on the art of music and dance, whereas Hollywood films have little to no emphasis at all on music and dance. Hollywood films that include an emphasis on music and dance are limited primarily to musicals; musicals represent one small genre of films that Hollywood produces. Due to the nature and length of Bollywood dance numbers and routines, Bollywood films tend to be significantly longer than Hollywood productions. The average Bollywood film can run approximately 3 hours, while the average Hollywood film may be only 1-2 hours in length. Also, if you are looking for a classic film, that is perfect for the whole family, consider a Bollywood film. Plus, you can learn all types of amazing Bollywood dance steps and moves while just watching a movie!

The bottom line: Although Hollywood comes with a much larger budget and more special effects, Bollywood films focus primarily on Bollywood style dancing and music! They feature family-themed plot lines that capture the audience’s attention without the expenses that Hollywood incurs.

What’s Next for You!

If you love Bollywood movies and dancing, maybe you would like to take the next steps, literally! Are you interested in learning Bollywood dance, yourself?

1. Learn how famous Bollywood dancers move their bodies, hands, feet, and arms.

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3. Have fun dancing!

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