Bollywood Dance Steps and Moves

Easy Bollywood Dancing Steps for Beginners!

If you are interested in learning the basics of Bollywood dance, you can learn by signing up for bollywood dance classes with friends, however, before you start you can get to know a few steps here! You can also check out the website and see what types of popular Bollywood dance classes are offered all over Singapore! Here are just a few Bollywood dance steps to help you get started:

*Please note that these dance terms are not formal terms, they are described in this way for the beginner to learn Bollywood dance steps. *

Step-Touch Step-Touch:
Start on the right foot, and step to the right. Then touch your left foot to your right foot. Continue following this pattern. This is an important basic dance step
that you will need not just for Bollywood dance, but also many types of dance.

**If you want to make this basic step a little more interesting, try adding a little “hop!” See the next step below!

Hop-Touch Hop-Touch: Start on the right foot, and hop to the right. Tap your left foot to your right, and continue the same pattern, moving from right to left, and then left to right again.

Flat-Toe-Flat: To add even a little more energy into your step, try the “Step-Touch Step-Touch,” but with a little flair.  Hop to the right, and then move your left foot to your right foot while keeping your left foot flat. You should then hop a little using your right foot, and then hop again on your left foot. This is done using a 123 count.

Limp Step: For this step, press down on the toe of one foot, and the press down on the other foot towards the floor. With the same foot that you pressed the toe down, shoot out your hip a little to the side. As your toe touches the ground, your hip should rise up.

Basic Turn: To complete a basic turn, take one foot, cross it over the other, and then “unwind,” or turn. This can be done with both feet, turning in either direction.

Shoulder Shake: Move your shoulders up and down, as you slowly raise your arms over your head. Continue to move your shoulders up and down as you raise your arms until they are directly above your head. Once you have raised your hands over your head, turn your hands inward, and then back out. The palm of your hand will face out towards the “audience,” as you turn your hands in and out. You can practice this step with any of the above basic feet steps.

Come Here: One of the basic hand motions used in Bollywood dances is called the “come here.” You extend your arms out in front of you, and then pull your hands towards you, as if you are asking someone to “come here.”

**To add to the “come here step,” you can walk backward using a three-count while completing the “come here.” You will put one foot behind you, and count to three, while pulling your hands towards you. After you count to three, move the next foot behind you, while completing the “come here” step.

Make It Your Own!

Regardless of the level of your Bollywood dance skill set, you can try any of these basic steps, and or add your own style to these Bollywood dance steps. As with any kind of dance, you should try to “make it your own,” by feeling the beat of the music and moving your body in step to the beat.

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