Bollywood Dance for Men

Bollywood Dance for Men

Bollywood dancing is one of the most beautiful dances in today’s world. Being a combination of Indian Classical and Indian Folk dances, added with a touch of other dance forms such as hip hop, jazz and belly dancing, it is definitely one that is fun and vibrant to perform.

Bollywood dancing has become popular by being usually seen in Bollywood movies. It exemplifies the beauty of Indian culture with the music played, whimsical moves and dancing styles executed, as well as the colorful attire put on. Another thing that makes Bollywood dancing the best and happiest one to perform is it is a lively dance that is best manifested by doing snappy moves and graceful actions. Thus, no wonder a lot of people, especially the youth, are interested and highly encouraged to learn this dance form.

Do you want to learn Bollywood dancing straight from the experts? You are definitely on the right page, for we offer Bollywood dance classes in the most enjoyable, engaging and effective way possible. What also makes us distinct among other dance studios is we offer Bollywood dance classes exclusive for men by focusing on masculine but still, fun dance moves.

What can you learn during the Bollywood dance class for men?

We offer Bollywood dance classes divided into 2 levels: beginner and intermediate. The first session starts with learning the brief history and information about Bollywood dancing, followed by learning the basic steps executed in Bollywood dancing. As the sessions go from simple to more complex ones, you get to learn dancing styles and techniques in Bollywood dancing which could be quite difficult to learn at first but are truly enjoyable to perform.

If there are situations where you cannot keep up with the dance steps, there’s nothing to worry about, for our expert instructors will make sure you learn it in the best and most convenient way for you, so you can catch up with the group.

To show you a glimpse of the Bollywood dancing we offer to our men students, these are the common dance steps we teach:

Common Dance Steps Learned in this Bollywood Dance Class for Men

  • Hip Swivel: This is the most common dance move men perform. It is the act of shaking the hips while doing a forward step. As men performing this move, their hands are situated on the side and sometimes, their fists loosely grip while executing this particular dance move.
  • Side leg move with gallop: This is the act of taking big side steps then galloping at the end of routine. This is one of the common dance moves performed by men, as we see in Bollywood movies.

If you want to try another type of Indian dance, we also offer a course on Bhangra. Bhangra is a traditional kind of Indian dance that started in Punjab, India. It exemplifies a bit of hip hop dance moves, but it does not involve lots of whimsical moves compared to Bollywood dancing. Thus, for men who want to take it slow and easy, learning Bhangra is a great choice.

Benefits for those who take this class

Bollywood dancing is not just fun to learn, but it also comes with a lot of benefits:

  • Bollywood dancing is a great way to stay healthy and fit.
  • It helps in building your confidence in dancing.
  • Bollywood dancing enables you to become more flexible.
  • It is a stepping stone for you to learn other dance forms easily.
  • It’s a way to learn about Indian culture in a creative manner.

With the wellness, fitness and other benefits you can get from taking our Bollywood dance class, it is definitely a must try! Also, what makes this beautiful dance form remarkable is Bollywood Dance is suitable for all levels and ages! Thus, contact us today and avail of our Bollywood dance classes.

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