Bollywood Dance Facts & History

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Interested in learning more about Bollywood dancing? Has a Bollywood film piqued your curiosity about Bollywood Dancing? Check out this Top Bollywood Fun Facts!

Top Bollywood Dance Facts:

  1. Bollywood Dancing has its origins in India.
    • Throughout Bollywood dance history Bollywood dancing styles have been heavily influenced by Asian cultures.
      Hindu art, music, and culture are an original source of inspiration for Bollywood dancing.
  2. There are 8 official types and styles of traditional Bollywood dances in India
    • Indian Dance Styles: Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohinattyam, Odissi, and Sattriya.
  3. The term “Bollywood” comes from Hindi culture and the film industry.
    • The word Bollywood has origins in Bombay, India, now better known as Mumbai. Both Bombay and Hollywood were the inspiration for the term we know now as “Bollywood.”
  4. Initially, Bollywood dancing was only common and popular to areas that watched Indian films.
    • As noted throughout Bollywood dancing history, Bollywood dancing was originally more popular in areas such as the Middle East, and Asian countries.
    • Within the last 5-10 years, Bollywood has increased in popularity even in western cultures including Europe and the US.
  5. Bollywood dancing, songs, and films all go hand-in-hand.
    • Bollywood films are full of Bollywood style music and dancing, because South Asian cultures do not separate music and dancing from films.
  6. During the course of Bollywood dance history, mythological tales have been frequently told within Bollywood dances.
    •  For example, dancers and performers alike will use hand gestures and other symbols to tell a cultural story.
  7. Bollywood dance movements and steps include a significant amount of neck and head movements, as well as facial expressions, feet placements, and hand movements.
    • Facial expressions are a key part of Bollywood dance because they assist in telling the story of the dance.
    • Neck and head movements are critical elements of Bollywood dancing because it adds fluidity and aesthetic to the dance.
  8. Traditional Bollywood dances are religious dances, that are seen as a kind of worship.
    • Bollywood Dance History Fun Fact: Bollywood dances are acted out in front of Hindu deities.
    • They usually take place during the harvest season and during festivals, events, and special occasions in temples.
  9. Bollywood dance costumes are essential to completing Bollywood dance routines and rhythms.
    • Traditional Bollywood dancers are commonly seen wearing bells around the ankle. The bells must be used in sync with the music in order to be used correctly.
    • Elaborate jewelry is also common of Bollywood dance costumes.
  10. Prior to the conclusion of the 1980’s Bollywood dance scenes for films were shot in Kashmir.
    • Bollywood Dance History Fun Fact: As a result of political unrest, these dance scenes are now filmed in other areas and even other countries.
  11. In the 1960’s the primary influence on Bollywood dancing was folk dance, but as discos became more prominent in the 70’, discos became a larger influence on Bollywood dancing than folk dance.
    • Time, fashion, and interests have influenced Bollywood style dancing.
  12. Today with international influence and globalization, Bollywood dancing reflects a combination of traditional Indian dancing and modern dance styles.
    • Although Bollywood dancing styles have rapidly changed over time, they have become a popular style of dance worldwide.

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