Bollywood Dance Class

Bollywood dancing is one of the most exquisite, colourful and popular dance forms in today’s world. It is the art of dancing that enables you to see a glimpse of Indian culture and the beauty of it. Usually seen on Indian films, Bollywood dancing is considered to be a combination of Indian Classical and Indian Folk dance, with a touch of jazz, hip hop and belly dancing.

Bollywood dancing may be intricate to look at and learn at first, but once you practice it, this dance form is surely one of the simplest but most beautiful dances you could ever do. In addition, Bollywood dancing usually involves basic moves which are pretty easy to do. Thus, there is definitely no need for you to have dancing experience to be skilled on it! Just follow these basic moves and you’re good to go.

In Bollywood dancing, the most common move executed especially by women is the Thumka or simply referred to as the hip shake. This simple move involves putting your body weight on your steady left foot and bending it little on a forward position, as well as putting the right foot forward. Then, shake your hip to execute the move. Usually, this involves placing both hands on the hips, or placing one hand beside the hip and the other hand behind the head.

The other move popular in Bollywood dancing is the Lotus hands. This intricate hand gesture involves the curling of fingers to somewhat form a lotus-like figure. Then, after the curling of fingers, both hands are put up and shook until it slowly goes down. The Lotus hands move is usually paired with Thumka.

Another Bollywood dancing move is the horse move, which involves the same feet position during the Thumka, but this move requires you to do some mini gallops, just like what a horse does. This particular move is often paired with the Lotus hands move.

One very popular move done during Bollywood dancing is the windshield wiper move; you can usually see this move in Bollywood movies. This move involves the same feet position during the Thumka, but your hands mostly do the work. Both your arms must execute a move that resembles a windshield wiper movement. Thus, there is synchronized waving involved in doing the windshield wiper move.

Laslty, one Bollywood dance move usually done by men is the hip swivel. In this move, the hips are shook while doing a forward step, and the hands are usually freely situated on the side. However, usually, doing the hip swivel move involves the fists to loosely grip while doing it.

With these basic moves executed in Bollywood dancing, you will surely have fun and there is definitely no pressure involved in doing the dance! Thus, if you live in Singapore and you are looking forward to attending a Bollywood dancing class, there are different types of Bollywood Dance available in the area. The common Bollywood Dance types available in Singapore are the Bollywood Masala and Bollywood Modern.

Bollywood Masala dancing is a dance type that combines Indian Folk, Indian Classical and other Indian dancing styles. It goes from slow dance moves to lively dance movements. In addition, Bollywood Masala dancing is ideal for corporate dancing activities.

On the other hand, Bollywood Modern dancing is a dance type that combines hip hop, Indian folk, funk, Latin dance and other kinds of Western dances. Thus, this dance type gets your groove on and requires you to move the body well and sweat a lot. Thus, Bollywood Modern dancing is a great substitute for sports, especially if you want to try doing another activity to keep the body fit and healthy.

There are several professional Bollywood dance companies in Singapore: Bolly Dancing Studio located in Waterloo St., Sampada’s Dance Studio in Siglap Road, and Dance Bollywood International Pte. Ltd. Studio in Victoria St and Parkway Center.

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