Bollywood Dance Class for Adults

Bollywood Dance Class for Adults

Bollywood dancing is considered to be one of the most energetic and beautiful dance classes in the world of dancing. Gaining popularity through Bollywood movies, this dance form emphasizes the beauty of Indian culture that is exquisitely manifested by doing intricate and graceful dance moves complemented by colourful and attractive costumes. In addition, Bollywood dancing is a kind of lively dance that shows joyful emotions highly supported by graceful and whimsical moves. Thus, no wonder a lot of people, especially women, are willing to learn the art of Bollywood dancing.

Basically, this particular dance form is a combination of Indian Classical and Indian Folk dance, inspired by other dance forms such as hip hop, jazz and belly dancing. Bollywood dancing may involve a lot of snappy moves and giddy emotions. However, as you learn its art, it is perhaps one of the simplest but most exquisite dance forms that can surely be done by anybody! Thus, if you want to learn the art of Bollywood dancing, we offer the best Bollywood dance class for adults you will surely enjoy and have fun doing!

What You Can Learn in Bollywood Dance Class for Adults

We offer intermediate and advanced classes in Bollywood dancing which can cater to beginners and experienced dancer for this dance form. Regardless of your knowledge and experience in doing Bollywood dancing, our competent and expert instructors will make sure you learn the art of this dance form in the easiest and most effective way for you to follow.

In addition, we also offer Bollywood dance classes for corporate employees or small groups who want to learn and enjoy dancing together for both fun and fitness purposes. Keep in mind that this dance form will require you to move your body and jive with the vibe of joyful Indian music. Thus, Bollywood dancing is surely a great way for you to stay fit, healthy and happy!

Aside from Bollywood dancing, we also offer Indian dance classes in other levels such as Bhangra. This particular dance form is a traditional kind of Indian dance that originated in Punjab, India. Bhangra still has a touch of hip hop dance, but it does not involve a lot of snappy moves like Bollywood dancing, and it is usually performed by men. Thus, if you are interested in doing another kind of Indian dance, you should definitely try and enrol in our Bhangra dance class.

Bollywood dancing may primarily come out as a fun and lively dance form to do, but because it involves a lot of moving, jumping and hand gestures to execute, it is surely a great way to become flexible, fit and graceful in dancing! Aside from the evident dancing and fitness progress you will get from our Bollywood dance class, rest assured you will experience a lot of benefits to make you feel good about yourself and your dance art.

Benefits for Those Who Take this Class

  • You can build your confidence and grace while performing on the dance floor.
  • You get a chance to improve your focus and presence on stage, as well as your rhythm and jive with the lively Indian music.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn the best of Indian culture in the form of dancing. Thus, you get the chance to understand the song’s context and interpret it through dance and facial expression.
  • As you master the art of Bollywood dancing, performing other snappy dance forms such as hip hop would be easier for you to do.

Once you complete all your Bollywood dancing sessions together with your classmates, you will have the golden chance to showcase what you have learned by performing on our Indian dance cultural show. Thus, it is definitely something to look forward to doing!

What to Wear or Bring to Class

Do not forget to wear cosy clothing during the dance session! You can wear leggings and a loose shirt so you can move freely and confidently during the session. In addition, wearing some light slippers would be very ideal when coming to class.

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