Highly Recommended Latin Dance Shoes for Men

Latin dance is a style of dancing that is steeped in rich history. However, one thing about Latin dance stands out: it adheres to a unique rhythm that makes it endearing to the dancers and the spectators alike. The music is both lively and upbeat, while the choreography is both enthralling and intriguing. 

Latin dancers are admired for their fluid movements on the dance floor. Their grace and flexibility remain a mesmerizing quality that only the dancers seem to have mastered. Admittedly, talent and skill have a lot to do with their command of the dance, but their costume of choice plays a part as well.

In other words, a female Latin dancer tends to wear help create the illusion of flexibility. The dance shoes are another crucial aspect to a dancer looking to outperform everyone else on the dance floor. The right Latin dance shoes can make or break your performance

By having the right and proper Latin dance shoes, you can ensure that your moves are turns are not sluggish and your moves are up to per. In other words, Latin Dance shoes are always crafted out of light material and have the proper padding to absorb shock while you dance.

Perhaps you’re a male Latin dancer and are in need of a good pair of Latin dancing shoes. Well, look no further. Below we have four of the top best Latin men’s shoes that you should consider.

Striped Patchwork Genuine Leather Latin Dance Men’s Shoes

This pair of Latin shoes are made out of cowhide leather, meaning that they are robust and long-lasting. The leather of the shoes, which makes part of the upper and outsole material, is crafted to withstand long hours of dancing. Of course, the exterior boasts of a unique design characterized by white stripes to help you stand out.

The lining material is made out of cotton for extra padding. This is designed to help protect the soles of your feet from the shock and pressure that comes with long hours of dancing.

With a shiny outer exterior, the Snake pattern is a perfect contrast to the overall black colour of the shoe. This particular pair is not only fashionable but extremely functional and practical. They are lightweight to ensure ease of movement while dancing, while their square heel is crafted to ensure stability. 

Shiny Patent Leather Latin Dance Men’s Shoes

This one boast of a single solid black colour that makes it complimentary for any type of dance outfit or costume. Its shiny exterior is designed to catch the attention of the spectators, as well create an illusion of fluid movement on the dance floor. It weighs at least 0.45kg, making it lightweight enough to augment the dancers skill in movement on the dance floor.

Genuine Leather Velvet Patchwork Latin Dance Men’s Shoes

This pair is a crowd favourite among male Latin dancers. Its popularity is due to its impeccable design that is second to none. The exterior is notably made out of a velvet material and cowhide leather, giving the shoes a distinguishing look. The material used for padding complements the design of the heel, ensuring that the health and safety of the dancer remain protected. 

How to Pick the Right Ballroom Dance Wear for Men

The men who love ballroom dancing find it a great hobby. They get to exercise, meet new people, improve self-image and enjoy a sense of accomplishment by dancing with their partner. 

Men have to follow varies rules regarding what to wear and what not to year in a ballroom dance competition. Just because men’s clothing choice lies in the hands of the organisation, it does not mean they cannot pick what they like.

If you are having a hard time choosing the right attire for ballroom dance, these tips will help:

Get a good fit

Men usually have to do lifting while ballroom dancing and it’s not just limited to lifting arms or legs. If your dress and its ornaments restrict your movement, your performance will be affected. 

white ballroom Latin dance trousers

Therefore, thee dress must fit well. Never buy a dress that has the slightest problem. Choose something similar to these white ballroom Latin dance trousers for men by Dancing Meow. They are made from cotton spandex designed to fit the dancer. 

Choose the right colour

The dress code guides your choice when it comes to colour. You have to be certain that the colours go with the theme of your dance. For instance, a vest, silver tie, pocket square, and striped printed ballroom dance trousers will make a great combination.

If it’s rumba or tango, it is recommended to choose warm tones. If it’s a hip dance, you are free to choose a cool and colourful theme. 

Get a shirt with Cuffs 

If you are wearing a suit, always wear a long sleeve shirt underneath. Get a shirt with classic button cuffs or cufflinks. These are some basic etiquette of dressing one should honour.

Shape of the collar 

If you have a long and narrow neck, get a shirt with a wider and higher collar. On the other hand, if you have a short and wide neck, a low and narrow collar will suit you. If you are wearing a shirt with a tuxedo collar, complement it with a bow tie. 

Watch the trends 

When you are choosing dancewear for ballroom dance, you must pay attention to the trends. However, don’t follow the trends blindly. Introduce some changes in the style on your own too. Otherwise, you will look no different than other dancers. 

It won’t be a bad idea to take inspiration from a vintage fashion designer. With your dance attire, you have the opportunity to show the audience your personal style. Your choices can make you a trendsetter too.

short sleeve Latin ballroom dance shirt

If you want to keep things simple, just get a short sleeve Latin ballroom dance shirt men usually choose. It will look classic. 

Don’t forget confidence 

Last but not least, an important thing all dancers must wear is confidence. Along with your dress, your attitude counts too. 

The Bottom Line

The choices that are made to please others usually please no one. Don’t choose a dress to grab the attention of the audience either. Go for the dancewear that you are the most comfortable in. Don’t forget to follow the social etiquette of dressing though.

Ballroom Dancing & Recommended Dresses

Ballroom dance is not only pleasing to the eyes but much beneficial to the body.

The style and steps are enticing and inspiring to watch. Just like other exercises it helps in shedding off that extra pounds in the body.

Like exercise, one of the main benefits of ballroom dancing is shedding those extra pounds. 

Getting a correct posture can be attributed to ballroom dancing. If you started ballroom dancing when you were younger, it is very helpful in getting and developing a good body posture. This is because it is major aspect of the dance you should master, even though as an adult you can still get a good posture.

 There are numerous benefits of ballroom dancing that are described here. 

 Weight loss

One of the best way to shed off extra pounds is ballroom dancing. It can burn up to 265 calories in just one hour. You will never feel hard work because it is activity you love and it is much fun.

Healthy body

Ballroom dancing enhances blood circulation and as well maintain healthy heart. It helpful to get good balance, flexibility of the body, strength and also helpful in ridding off joint pain.

Stress reliever 

Ballroom dancing is the best ways to relieve stress, it is fun and enjoyable. Definitely, having a cool music and gliding softly on the dancing floor with your love one relieve stress and worries.


Surely, learning how to present an art of dance boost self-confidence. Also, maintaining a good posture that are appealing to audience while dancing, will really boost your self-confidence.

Fun and happiness 

Certainly, dancing is the best way of being happy. Ballroom dancing is very helpful in maintaining a good emotional and mental health.


It allows you to meet many people because it requires pair. It helps in meeting many people from different area who have interest in dancing.

Off-Shoulder Ballroom Dance Women’s Dress

With these numerous benefit of ballroom dancing, you can prepare yourself and work towards getting all the necessary material that will help you be better dancer.

Ruffled Velvet Ballroom Dance Women’s Dress

Nothing inspire like going to ballroom with outfit that fit. Also, choosing your ballroom outfit should be interesting and exciting.

Getting a costume that  allows you achieve your aim should be the best decision you ever made. A very nice costume will  allow to maintain your posture while dancing. Have you  ever considered that you cannot dance to impress or shine if you failed to get good and quality ballroom dressings. 

Ruffled Rhinestone Decorated Ballroom Dance Women’s Dress

Latin Ballroom Dance Dresses

Latin dance: if we’re not dancing to it, we’re probably watching it and enjoying every single minute of it. We can feel the lively music build to a crescendo, as we let the dance tell a story of tension before ease. Often used interchangeably with ballroom dance, Latin dance is merely a general term used to define a number of Latin dance styles. 

Its ambiguity can somewhat be confusing, however; they are often easier to define by tracing their origins. For instance, the style that has originated from Latin America tends to be a crowd favourite due to its freestyle nature. Regardless of the style, they all have a unique flair that makes them endearing and timeless. 

Anything from Salsa and Rumba to Cha- Cha and Samba, the beat behind the music is enough to make anyone want to learn how to dance. Perhaps you’re on the hunt for a studio that can teach you how to, or perhaps you’re a professional looking to perfect her craft. Either way, a Latin ballroom dance dress is an essential necessity for any beginner or professional.

There are different styles when it comes to Latin ballroom dance dresses; each designed for its specific purpose. Not only do they add the look of a sophisticated Latin dancer, but they also ensure the ease of movement when dancing. Below are a few of the most sought after Latin ballroom dance dresses that every dancer should consider?

Floral Appliqued Asymmetric Latin Dance Women’s Dress

There’s something about a dress that can add to confidence to your ability to dance. This one in particular boasts of a fringe at the bottom. It’s also a tight fit which adds to the overall look. This Latin dance dress is made of Polyester and Spandex, making the overall fabric comfortable.

Notably, this long-sleeved dress comes in different sizes, such as Small, large, extra-large and even extra-large. It’s ideal for ballroom dances, practice and performance, Tango, Rumba, Salsa and gymnastic exercises. 

You can easily purchase this popular Latin dance dress here. 

Transparent Floral Lace Ballroom Dance Women’s Dress

This particular Latin ballroom dance dress holds a sense of elegance and timelessness that is second to none. Crafted out of Nylon, Polyester and Spandex, its material is soft to the touch and comfortable to move around in. Its style makes the dress ideal for Waltz, Tango, Rumba and even Foxtrot. 

Additionally, you can never go wrong with this transparent floral lace dress when you’re in need of a ballroom dress. You can also wear it for practice and performance as well as showcase dancing. Of course, it comes in all colours as well as sizes, from small to extra-large. 

You can purchase it here.

Shiny Sequined Latin Dance Women’s Dress

Sequined Latin ballroom dance dresses may have made its first debut in the world of Latin dance.  Their glamour and shine only magnify the focus on the dancer while its glimmering layered frills intensify the movements of the dancer. This type of dress is ideal for ballroom performances rather than practice.

Coming in different sizes, this shiny sequined Latin dance is a slim fit. The spandex material works to ensure comfort and ease as you glide across the ballroom floor. We only offer the best quality Latin dance dresses at our online store.