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Benefits of Latin Dance for Children

Why is Latin Dance for Children Beneficial?

Many parents set out to find dance classes for their children, and some of the most common choices have long been ballet, tap, and jazz. Now, however, we’re seeing that more and more kids are enrolling in Latin dances. We think that Latin dance for children is highly beneficial in many ways, and we’re going to share some of those benefits in this article. First, let’s talk a little more about what Latin dance for children is.

What is Latin Dance for Kids?

Latin dances are all types of ballroom and folk-style dances originating from Latin America. The term “Latin dance” is an umbrella term encompassing numerous specific dances. These dances can be learned and performed by children and adults alike, and all of them offer a long list of benefits that we’ll discuss in just a moment.

Latin dance for kids includes cha cha, Latin ballroom, mambo, merengue, rumba, salsa, and samba. Each dance has its own specific qualities, and focused training is necessary to master each one. Some Latin dance for kids classes will offer one style or numerous combinations of styles. Latin dances tend to be very structured and fast-paced, which makes it easy to spot on the ballroom floor.

What are the Benefits of Latin Dance for Children?

Unlike ballet, jazz, and tap, Latin dance for children involve the kids pairing up with a partner. This alone provides a wealth of social benefits, and children quickly learn how to communicate with and treat partners of the opposite gender. Of course, throughout their Latin dance journey, kids enjoy cultivating relationships with others that can often last for years and years.

Outside of social benefits, Latin dance for children lends a positive impact on self-esteem. Children become aware of their bodies and gain a healthy self-image. They learn that their bodies can do beautiful and amazing things, and this makes them feel great about themselves.

Latin dance for children is a great stress reliever, as well, because it gives kids an outlet to express themselves. Of course, there are lots of health benefits when it comes to Latin dance! For instance, fast-paced Latin dances offer an excellent cardio exercise for burning calories and keeping the heart healthy. Latin dances are an excellent choice if you’re interested in a muscle toning activity, and Latin dance has even been associated with increasing bone strength.


Children who take Latin dance get a grasp on the foundation of the style and move ahead to advanced levels when they’re ready, and some even go on to competition. Latin dance isn’t just for adults, as you can see, and children readily jump at the opportunity to learn something new and exciting. If you’re interested in getting your child into an extracurricular activity that’s fun and beneficial for all the reasons discussed in this article, contact Dancing Meow Singapore today!

Dance Wear for Adults: Latin Dance versus Hip Hop

The styles of dance vary wildly, and for all the differences in form and style, there are quite possibly as many differences in dance wear. Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, you’ve likely noticed that the styles of dance wear are different. In this article, we’re going to break down the major differences of dance wear in Latin dance versus hip hop. If you’re taking one of these dance classes, then you’ll be able to use this information to find the perfect dance wear!

Latin Dance: What’s Ok to Wear and What’s Not

We’ll warn you now: Latin dance is much more strict than other forms of dance in terms of dance wear. Women and men are expected to conform to a certain ballroom look, and while that might seem easy enough to achieve, there are some very specific considerations that must be made!

For women, the hair should be pulled back but not necessarily put up. As long as the hair is out of the face and won’t whip the partner when in motion, it’s probably alright. The biggest problem with loose hair is that it’s a distraction! Men with long hair: the same goes for you, but go ahead and put it in a bun.

Women should wear buttoned tops (jackets should also be buttoned) or dresses or skirts that aren’t too short. Strapless dresses and open-backed dresses aren’t recommended, and anything with extra, flowing fabric shouldn’t be worn. For shoes, women should wear something with a practical heel.

Leather dance shoes work best for men, and men’s Latin dance wear should always include buttoned tops.

For both men and women, skinny jeans and shorts are acceptable; flip flops and sneakers are not!

Hip Hop Dance Wear Dos and Don’ts

In hip hop, men and women dress similarly, so we don’t have to break down clothing by gender. Men and women alike can wear athletic sneakers, and casual sneakers should be avoided because they won’t hold up as well. Comfortable clothing is most common, which can include sweatpants, other loose fitting athletic pants, and even track suits. Tank tops and t shirts are completely acceptable, as long as it’s nothing that will get in the way of dancing.

Shorts aren’t very common in hip hop, so keep that in mind! Hats can be worn, as long as they’re secured, and jewelry isn’t recommended unless secure.

In Closing…

Both Latin and hip hop are fast-paced dance styles, and both require durable shoes and clothing that won’t get in the way. Interestingly enough, the styles of apparel are completely different!

8 Best Gifts To Give For Mother’s Day

Every year, Mother’s Day is celebrated all around the world to pay tribute to the most important and your favourite woman in your lives – your mother who has gone through much pain and struggle to bring you into the world.

Although many countries may celebrate Mother’s Day on different dates, majority of the countries in the world follow the American date which usually falls on the second Sunday in May. This year, Mother’s Day will fall on 13th May 2018.

Now you may have noticed that many stores and commercial establishments have rolled out Mother’s Day specials and deals, One of the most common gift to give to your mom is a bouquet of pink carnations. Often it is not the only flower being sold frequently during Mother’s Day, other flowers such as roses, lilies are also often given as appreciation along with a card to mothers.

Maybe you have been giving flowers to your mother for all these times and are looking for inspiration on what else to get for your special woman in your life. Read on to find out about 8 Best Gifts to give your mom on Mother’s Day 2018 

1. Bring her to a lovely brunch 

There are various brunch deals available. We recommend bringing her to this lovely french inspired brunch at 1919 Waterboat House & The Rooftop – a contemporary European restaurant & a scenic hidden oasis bar located in the picturesque colonial heritage building!

Start your brunch with an endless flow on French brunch delicacies including Croissants, Fresh Seafood and a selection of the finest French Cheese & Charcuterie boards. Leave room in your stomach, for the French-Inspired favourite dishes; Moules & Frites, Coq Au Vin, Beef Bourguignon and plenty more.

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2. Buy her a pampering treat – be it facial, massage, or manicure & pedicure

Every woman love to be pampered! Use this special occasion to also indulge in pampering yourself with your mom! Here’s a trick to save some money – ask for first trial pricing or credit card promotions at any beauty salon you plan to bring your mom over.

3. Get her favourite perfume

If your mother loves wearing perfume, this is a good time to gift her another bottle of perfume

4. Mom’s a coffee lover? Surprise her with the most fragrant coffee beans from this local startup Hook Coffee

If she loves coffee, why not also help support our locally grown startup Hook Coffee? Besides purchasing a bag of coffee beans that may be sustainably grown from Brazil, you can also opt for the coffee subscription for yourself or your mom. Especially if you usually have a busy morning and hardly have time to make your own cup of coffee.

5. Watch a movie together

Recently the long-awaited blockbuster movie Avengers: The Infinity War has just started airing in the cinemas. Great chance to catch it with your mom if she is into the Marvel or just to admire the eye candies like Thor,

6. Whizz her away on that place she always wanna go

Lately there have been a number of airfare sales going on among the airline companies – Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific etc. Use this chance to get some ladies’ only trip to the place she always wanna go.

Moneydigest often publish the available deals timely.

7. Make her a scrapbook of your photos, knickknacks and memoirs

If you enjoy making things or handicraft, this is a great chance to showcase your talent and present all your photos, memoirs and any knickknacks to her as a token of appreciation to her.

8. Treat her to the class she always wanna try – be it Zumba class or belly dance!

Better yet, you can join in the dance class with her and learn the dance moves while spending quality time together! Being healthy is ever important regardless of age.

As ladies start to lose their bone density in a faster rate especially after menopause, weight bearing exercises such as dancing combined with healthy diet can help to reduce the loss of bone density and build strong bones.

We have various dance genres you and your mother can try together! Check out for the various dance genres available.

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions!