Best Dance Classes for Toddlers in Singapore

Do your kids wiggle and sway to TV theme songs or prance around the house practicing new dance moves? Dance classes may be on point to tap into your child’s enthusiasm for music and movement.

As an after-school activity, dance offers plenty of benefits to children. Not only is dance lots of fun, it also helps toddlers become active as they develop their concentration, coordination, and strength.

There’s more to dancing for kids than just dazzling dancing shoes. Dance enables kids to exercise body and mind as well as increasing fitness levels, creativity, and flexibility.

From prim and ballet to energetic street dance, here are the best dance classes to enroll your toddler into.

  1. Ballet

Ballet is undoubtedly the most popular dance for toddlers. It is an artistic and extremely technical type of dance that involves light, graceful movements. Ballet is usually performed to classical music.

Ballet is good for children because it strengthens and tones the arms, feet, legs, stomach muscles and ankles giving them a superior posture and balance. Because of the need to pay attention to the teacher in order to learn and practice steps or routines, ballet allows children to develop concentration and discipline.

Ballet dance classes are taught for children as young as three or four years old. Enroll your child for the best ballet dance classes in Singapore at Dancingmeow today.

  1. Tap Dance

Tap originated in America and puts am an emphasis on the feet. It’s a dance type where dancers wear shoes with metal plates on the soles and tap out a beat on the floor.

Tap is great dancing for kids because it strengthens the legs and feet as well as building flexibility in the hips, ankles, and knees. It also instills a sense of rhythm and musical awareness to the child.

Dancingmeow has the best tap dance classes for toddlers in Singapore. Come join us today.

  1. Jazz

Jazz, also known as modern dance, is a contemporary form of dance that’s less regimented and formal than tap or ballet. It is best for children who have lots of energy as it involves dancing to different styles of music such as pop, traditional jazz, and percussion.

Jazz dance aims to help toddlers build their flexibility and physical strength. Children are taught to tune into their emotions to interpret different music genres.

Jazz is a great dance for kids because it doesn’t have a minimum age requirement.

Dancingmeow has the best jazz dance classes for toddlers in Singapore. Enroll your child today and let them learn a new skill.

  1. Hip hop dance

Hip hop classes for toddlers is perfect for kids who want to dance, learn how to freestyle, and stay active. Hip hop is a fun street style dance that teaches toddlers to step, stomp and shake it out.

Hip hop dance is suited to older kids and teenagers who can cope up with the high tempo and challenging moves.


If your child is interested in hip hop dance, bring them to Dancingmeow. We will introduce your kids to the rhythmical expression and style of hip hop so that they can learn hip-hop with ease.

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2 thoughts on “Best Dance Classes for Toddlers in Singapore”

  1. Need to know few things regarding the dance classes for toddlers. My daughter is 2 yrs 9 months so is there any dance training sessions at this age. Can you please let me know the fees structure, dates and timing?

    1. Hi Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately at 2yrs 9 months, it is too early for your daughter to learn any specific dance skills. What she can do will be to refine her hand, feet and eyes coordination skills and exposure to music rhythm.

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