Benefits of Latin Dance for Children

Why is Latin Dance for Children Beneficial?

Many parents set out to find dance classes for their children, and some of the most common choices have long been ballet, tap, and jazz. Now, however, we’re seeing that more and more kids are enrolling in Latin dances. We think that Latin dance for children is highly beneficial in many ways, and we’re going to share some of those benefits in this article. First, let’s talk a little more about what Latin dance for children is.

What is Latin Dance for Kids?

Latin dances are all types of ballroom and folk-style dances originating from Latin America. The term “Latin dance” is an umbrella term encompassing numerous specific dances. These dances can be learned and performed by children and adults alike, and all of them offer a long list of benefits that we’ll discuss in just a moment.

Latin dance for kids includes cha cha, Latin ballroom, mambo, merengue, rumba, salsa, and samba. Each dance has its own specific qualities, and focused training is necessary to master each one. Some Latin dance for kids classes will offer one style or numerous combinations of styles. Latin dances tend to be very structured and fast-paced, which makes it easy to spot on the ballroom floor.

What are the Benefits of Latin Dance for Children?

Unlike ballet, jazz, and tap, Latin dance for children involve the kids pairing up with a partner. This alone provides a wealth of social benefits, and children quickly learn how to communicate with and treat partners of the opposite gender. Of course, throughout their Latin dance journey, kids enjoy cultivating relationships with others that can often last for years and years.

Outside of social benefits, Latin dance for children lends a positive impact on self-esteem. Children become aware of their bodies and gain a healthy self-image. They learn that their bodies can do beautiful and amazing things, and this makes them feel great about themselves.

Latin dance for children is a great stress reliever, as well, because it gives kids an outlet to express themselves. Of course, there are lots of health benefits when it comes to Latin dance! For instance, fast-paced Latin dances offer an excellent cardio exercise for burning calories and keeping the heart healthy. Latin dances are an excellent choice if you’re interested in a muscle toning activity, and Latin dance has even been associated with increasing bone strength.


Children who take Latin dance get a grasp on the foundation of the style and move ahead to advanced levels when they’re ready, and some even go on to competition. Latin dance isn’t just for adults, as you can see, and children readily jump at the opportunity to learn something new and exciting. If you’re interested in getting your child into an extracurricular activity that’s fun and beneficial for all the reasons discussed in this article, contact Dancing Meow Singapore today!

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