Get in Shape With Belly Dance

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 Belly Dance and Fitness are two forms of self-expression that most people would not put in the same sentence, let alone in the same group. Did you know that belly dancing is a beneficial workout for many major muscle groups? Belly dancing is becoming popular due to its positive health effects. It is also known for building muscles in the abdominal region, arms, the back, and thighs! In this post, you can learn about the benefits of belly dancing as a form of exercise and how to stay fit through belly dancing!

Who Can Benefit from Belly Dancing?

  1. Women Preparing for Childbirth
  • Did you know that belly dancing is the perfect form of fitness for expecting mothers?
  • Belly dancing movements called raqs sharqi are ideal for preparing for childbirth. These exercises strengthen a woman’s abdominal muscles needed during the childbirth process.
  1. Women Experiencing Menopause
  • Women currently experiencing menopause can also benefit from belly dancing!
  • Belly dancing can serve as fitness for women and reduce hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause.
  • Belly dancing increased blood circulation which benefits women going through “the change,” and can also boost self-confidence and self-image.
  1. All Women!
  • Belly dancing is ideal for any woman who is interested in expressing themselves through dance, using dance as a form of fitness, toning their muscles, and fixing their posture!

 What Are the Primary Health Benefits of Belly Dance as Fitness?

  1. Abdominal Toning
  • As many people know and assume, moving the belly is critical to belly dancing. The movements of the stomach that are completed in belly dance are perfect for tightening up those abs!
  • What woman doesn’t want to tighten up her stomach muscles anyway? Plus, it’s much more fun to take a belly dancing class than doing push-ups!


  1. Helps with Your Posture!
  • Raqs sharqis movements, popular belly dance moves, tone ligaments and vertebrae that are critical to having good posture.
  • Belly dance moves also increase flexibility through hip drops, circles, and figure eight movements.
  • Belly dance moves involve a repetitive gentle movement of the hips which helps the body to produce synovial fluid, which is needed to lubricate the body’s joints.
  • When completed correctly belly dance moves can also prevent future back problems.


  1. Lose Weight through Belly Dancing
  • Many people also lose weight by belly dancing!
  • Belly dancing is great for burning calories and can burn up to 300 calories per hour.
  • A combination of belly dance classes with a healthy diet and other aerobic exercise can put you on the path to successful weight loss. You won’t need to drink another protein or other meal substitute shake again!


  1. Mental Health Benefits
  • Many women also enjoy belly dancing due to the fact that it usually serves as a stress reliever.
  • The repetitious dance moves can be subtly calming, and release tension. By releasing tension in muscles and reducing any pains and aches, stress can also be reduced or eliminated.


Why Not Take a Belly Dancing Class?

Regardless of why you are interested in taking a belly dancing class, belly dance classes can serve as an aid to improving your overall health, tone your muscles, fix your posture, and reduce your stress levels! Belly dance has also been recommended by doctors for individuals in rehabilitation from an injury, due to its both mental and physical health benefits. Belly dance classes are highly recommended for both expecting mothers and women going through “the change,” as it provides unique benefits to each group. If you are interested in trying out a belly dance class and experiencing the health benefits for yourself, you can view all available dance classes on the website Check out available classes and register today!

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