Belly dance for fun and exercise

Belly dance can be the best option for those seeking fun and exercise and are not finding repetitive workouts interesting. Belly dancing is generally known for burning belly fat which isn’t totally true as it aids the whole body in burning fat and not just the stomach. Belly dancing is actually more fun than cycling or gym activities. It requires lesser stress than weight lifting. Belly dancing helps to improve flexibility by toning the arms and tightening the abs. Here are some of the advantages of belly dancing.

Enhances the body posture
It improves the spinal column and other important body parts that are made of ligaments and bones. Many belly dance moves require isolation and enhances the flexibility and support of the torso region without any muscular injury proximity.
Belly dancing requires circles, figure eight and hip drop movement that helps to lubricate the joint and perfectly shape the pelvic region if the dance movement is properly done. It caters for any aching pain around the lower back area and perfect for people whose nature of jobs involves desk activities. The movement of the hips strengthens the leg muscles and enhances the body posture.

Loss of weight
Research shows that constant belly dancing practice burns more than 300 calories in an hour. This result is facilitated by moderating the intake of calorie and ensuring a healthy diet. Belly dance burns fat in the overall body and not only restricted to the stomach alone.
In order to generally enhance the cardiovascular system of the body, one can include swimming and cycling to the schedule since these exercises tend to strengthen the muscle.

Favors the entire body
Belly dancing does not work for the muscles alone but they also work for the entire body. The dance requires you to use your shoulders, hands and the lower portion of the body. Belly dancing is a weight bearing exercise that keeps your energy alive and your muscles flexible all day long. It also aids digestion.

Reduces stress
Accumulated stress level due to hectic work schedule and time shortage can affect our lives negatively. Belly dancing helps us to forget our stress by concentrating on the dance and improving our mood.

Music helps to forget our sorrows especially when we shake our body to match the rhythm of the music, one can always experience the wonder. Stress can cause muscular pain along the region of the neck, back and shoulder as a result of the formation of excess lactic acid. Belly dancing relaxes the muscle and reduces the stress level.

Exercising to music is fascinating because a person can gain emotional, mental and physical satisfaction by dancing to a specific rhythm. Belly dancing doesn’t require much labor as compared to a set of routine and boring exercise. The dancer moves her muscle according to the rhythm of the music thereby stretching, flexing and vibrating muscle tissues. This activity helps to burn fat and ensures physical fitness of the body. You don’t have to complain about exercising as every part of your body keeps having fun and you just want to continue dancing.

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