Belly Dance Class

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Belly Dance is the most organic and original form of dance. Belly Dance moves adjust to fit your body, and make your body look attractive and elegant, no matter the shape of your body. It is about feeling good about being a woman as well as looking good when your femininity is express.

Belly dancing provides for the female body, legitimization to be round. The Belly Dance is recognized by the undulating torso, swaying hips, and articulated isolations were done in a range of emotional and dynamic expressions. Characteristic movements in belly dance include undulations, curving patterns, thrusts, locks, drops, and quaking or shaking body movements.

Movements found in Belly Dance

Chest Camel

The chest camel is a movement made by the isolation of the chest, pushing the chest forward, then up, back and down in a rolling undulation.

Classical Hip Lift

It is less grounded and more exuberant. The working hip is lifted upward and slightly forward in a strongly stressed move.

Chest Lifts and Chest Drops

A small but usually effective thrust of the rib cage with an emphasis either downwards or upwards. To go up you have to first go down and vice versa. Imagine a string connected to your spine at the center of your chest. Generate the movement from the inside of your body and you will have a much more beautiful and juicy movement.

Shoulder Drops

The only task is bringing your shoulders up together, then, letting them go. You have to be careful so as not to shrug and draw your shoulders up to your ears. This locks your upper back, hence your energy flow.

Hip Slide

First assume Basic Pose with feet under hips etc. then shift your weight from leg to leg, straightening the supporting knee and releasing the other knee. Get into the rhythm, then slide your hip out to side transferring weight into that foot, and then back in.

Others include:

  • Chest Slide
  • Head Slide
  • Basic Hip Twist
  • Classical Hip Twist
  • Basic Hip Circle
  • Classical Hip Circle
  • Chest Circle
  • Shoulder Roll (Shoulder Circle)
  • Wrist Circles
  • Inward Figure 8 – Horizontal

Services offered

The services we offer include:

Why join us

Our Belly dance classes are for everybody regardless of the age, from kids to young people in like manner grown-ups. Our point is to give a fun and energizing workout environment and in addition show Belly dance abilities and procedures.

We offer a steady and amicable climate to help in building certainty and to take in the exemplary craft while attempting to locate your own innovative style.

Our Belly dance classes are flawless in the event that you have practically zero experience, hoping to have some good times while taking in another execution aptitude. No experience whatever is required to take the course. Belly dance is ideal for all ages.