Belly Dance Class For Men

Belly Dance Class For Men

One of the most popular dance forms known globally is the belly dancing. This intricate dance form was originated as a folk dance in the Middle East. However, with the added choreography and styles developed in it, it has evolved to be the belly dancing we know today.

Basically, belly dancing involves executing fluid torso movements. Its dance style and moves focus on the torso, and not much on hand or leg movements. Also, belly dancing is effectively performed when the moves are done in a complex, sensual and most graceful manner.

Belly dancing is known for the colorful hip scarves and clanging coin accessories dancers wear. Aside from its innate art, belly dancing is known to offer benefits for health, physique and confidence as well. With the best lessons and experiences you can get from this dance form, learning it can be such a joy to do!

If you think that belly dancing is limited to female dancers, you are totally wrong! This dance form is open and can be best performed by anybody; kids, male or female, young at age or young at heart.

However, if you’re a gentleman wanting to learn the art of belly dancing, we got the best belly dance class for you!

We offer belly dancing classes for men that cover 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Therefore, our expert instructors will be fully hands-on in teaching you the dance form, depending on your experience and convenience.

What are Specific Dance Moves to Learn in the Class?

Belly dancing moves are commonly divided into 3 categories:

  •        Fluid Movements

This belly dancing category focuses on full abdomen control in performing intricate and continuous movements. The dance moves included in the fluid movements’ category are horizontal hip circles and hip waves.

  •        Staccato Movements

In staccato movements, the belly dancer learns how to move his/her hips to go with the music’s beat. The dance moves included in the staccato movements’ category are hip lifts, hip twists, hip drops and hip rocks.

  •        Shimmies and Shimmers

Lastly, this belly dancing category places an emphasis on the execution of quick but continuous movements. The dance moves included in the shimmies and shimmers’ category are up-and-down hip shimmies, twisting hip shimmies, ribcage shimmies and bouncing shimmies.


You’ll get these amazing health benefits when you learn the art of belly dancing:

  •        This dance form effectively aids in weight loss.
  •        It helps tone the muscles, especially in the abdominal area.
  •        It improves back and body posture.
  •        It aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system.
  •        It helps reduce stress.

What to Wear/Bring To Class


Wear a body-fit t-shirt and loose, comfortable workout pants. As you progress in the class, you might be advised to wear shimmering coin accessories in your neck and hips.  


Belly dancing is usually performed barefoot. However, you can wear socks or slippers, whichever you are comfortable.

Essential Things to Bring

Don’t forget to bring these things every time you come to our belly dancing class for men:

  •        Bottle of water
  •        Face towel
  •        Extra shirt and pants


Learn the art of belly dancing with us and be exceptional! See you!