Beginners Bollywood Dance Class

Beginners Bollywood Dance Class

Bollywood dancing is regarded as one of the most exquisite and colourful dance styles in this modern generation. Primarily, this dance form has gained popularity by being a part of most Indian movies. In addition, Bollywood dancing is not just simply a part of movies, but also a showcase and a glimpse of the beauty of Indian culture portrayed well through lively Indian music and graceful execution of dance movements.

This particular dance form pairs the energy, life and gracefulness of Indian dance with intricately designed costumes. Furthermore, since Bollywood dancing is a lively and a vivacious kind of dance, the emotions that surround while doing it are joyful and vibrant – best complemented by happy faces of dancers doing it. No wonder lots of people are interested in learning the art of Bollywood dancing, because it’s simply a feel-good dance form that encourages you to be happy, full of energy as well as stay fit!

Bollywood dancing is a snappy and lively kind of dance because it is not just influenced by Indian Classical and Indian Folk dance, but also has a touch of jazz, hip hop and belly dancing in it. Thus, it requires you to shake your body a lot and do it with grace.

At first, Bollywood dancing may be complex to look at, but once you try to learn this dance form, it is pretty easy and one of the simplest dances you can ever learn. Thus, anyone, regardless of age, can be an expert in Bollywood dancing! Of course, no one becomes an expert at first try.

If you want to try Bollywood dancing for yourself, and you are worried because you have no experience or even knowledge about it, shake off those worries, for we offer Bollywood dance classes that are perfectly fit for beginners so you can effectively learn the dance form in the best way possible.

In addition, we also offer Bollywood dance classes for small groups or corporate employees who all want to learn and have fun learning this dance form. Remember that Bollywood dancing is a great way to shed some unwanted fat and stay healthy, because it requires the body to move actively and energetically. Thus, if you are looking for a great way for your employees to stay fit after work, you can support their fitness and leisure goals by enrolling them in our Bollywood dancing class.

What Can Students Learn in a Beginners Bollywood Dance Class?

In the Bollywood dancing class we offer for beginners, we usually introduce common Indian dance moves to our students which could be new to them, such as the Thumka or hip shake, horse move or mini gallops during the dance, and the windshield wiper which requires both arms to move in sync, just like a car’s windshield wiper.

Aside from this, we also teach students the meaning of the Indian music we use for the Bollywood dance, so they will know what expression or emotion to make while doing it. Since Bollywood dancing involves the right facial expression to show as well as the vigour and grace in doing the dance, it encourages students to perform as actors and actresses, just like what they see in Bollywood movies! Thus, this dance form is a great way for talent showcase, not just in dancing, but in acting as well.

Bollywood dancing may be primarily perceived as just a fun dance to perform, but since it entails a lot of hand forms and techniques, moving and hopping during the process, it is definitely a way for beginners to become fit, healthy, flexible, and to dance gracefully! Aside from these, Bollywood dancing comes with a lot of benefits in all levels intended to nourish your whole being while on the dance floor.

Benefits for Those Who Take this Class

  • Gain grace and confidence in dancing.
  • Get a chance to improve stage presence and focus.
  • Make jiving with the rhythm of vibrant Indian music better through time.
  • Mastering the beauty of Bollywood dancing opens more opportunities for you to learn other dances in a better and easier way.

What to Wear or Bring to Class

Keep in mind that when going to Bollywood dance class, wear comfortable clothes so that you can move freely and confidently during dancing. You can wear leggings and a loose shirt for your ease and comfort. In addition, it would also be very ideal if you wear light slippers when going to class.

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