Beginner Tap Dance Class

Beginner Tap Dance Class

Tap dancing is a kind of dance that involves the use of the reader’s feet to make sound while dancing along side.  The sound made from the shoes of the little ones is called the tap.  It’s the dance where you’re both the musician and the dancer. This dance class is one you should take and trust that you’re involving yourself with real value.

There are different dance moves that can be learned in this category, but we’re going to mention three, so you can come learn the rest at the studio.

Dance moves to learn in this dance class


The leap is a dance step that involves you standing on one foot, taking a leap and landing on the other foot, ensuring that your heel doesn’t touch the ground and causes a double sound. This dance move is similar to hops, but the difference is that while doing a leap, you land on the opposite foot.

Step Heel

Just as the name sounds, this dance move is pretty easy.  All it takes is to do a step and then a heel.  This is usually done with the same music count and also known as the heel drop.


The shuffle dance move is one move that must be learned as a beginner. In this move, two sounds are made with the ball of your foot by a dropping and lifting motion. During this move, heels so not touch the floor as one sound occurs on its way up while the other occurs on its way down.

As I earlier stated, a shuffle is one of the most popular dance moves in two dancing and as a beginner, you can’t run away from this move.  At first, you’re going to take too big motions,  everything you do will either be too loud or you’ll land on the wrong foot and all but eventually you’re going get better and so a proper shuffle after some classes. Brace yourself; this is going to be a worthy experience.

Benefits of beginner tap dance class

To improve leg muscles

Tap dancing helps you tone your leg muscles.  They are, before now, if you’ve ever felt like you had trembling or wobbling legs, then this dancing Class is for you,  as it’ll help to strengthen your leg muscles.

Helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure

If you suffer from frequent high blood pressure, then you should take this class  because the cause of high blood pressure is poor circulation of blood through the arteries, but tap dancing helps your blood to circulate properly, helps your arteries open and contrast effectively, therefore reducing the risk of high blood pressure.

To reduce fat

Tap dancing is a kind of dance just as it is equally a form of workout for someone who wants a rapid reduction in their weight. Tap dancing helps to burn off calories and the effect of this depends on the intensity of your workout. You will get desired results as you work towards it.  Just be sure to have fun and enjoy yourself while you’re tap dancing or tap working out.

What do I bring to the dance class?

Attire: Kids between the ages of 2-10 should wear tight clothes to ensure there are no distractions.  Sheer ballet skirts can also be used.  Older kids or adults can do stretchy clothes, tight pants and anything comfortable. And no, jeans are not inclusive, skirts are not allowed, big gowns, or baggy shirts and trousers are equally not allowed.

Hair: Ensure that your hair is always pulled back into a ponytail or hair bun.  So there don’t interrupt your shine.

Shoes: No sneakers or shoes with rubber soles.  No squeaky noises should be heard.  Buy tap dancing shoes, with a thin metal attached to the sole of the shoes to help make the tapping sound.

Take with you also a bottle of water, a towel, possible change of clothes and your confidence.  Please don’t leave the latter behind.


Taking tap dancing classes is going to be a decision you’ll forever be grateful that you took.  The physical, health benefits cannot be over emphasized.  If you haven’t made up your mind yet I don’t know what you’re waiting for.  But if you have made up your mind to take this class, then look around you and we’re just there waiting to register you.  Can’t wait to meet you.