Beginner Belly Dance Class

Beginner Belly Dance Class

Belly dancing is a unique dance form that originated in the Middle East. It involves movement of the belly or stomach and corresponding rapid hips swaying. The movements in belly dancing can range from slow and fluid, to snappy and energetic.

For some, belly dancing has been considered a cultural flat tummy procedure. However, aside from that, the vibrance, color and beauty this dance form promotes are remarkable! That’s why you should try to discover and learn it today.

If you have been wanting to learn the art of belly dancing, now’s your chance to make your desire a reality! We offer beginner belly dance classes, which could be perfect and the most appropriate level for you to start. Don’t worry; our expert instructors will teach you belly dancing in the easiest and most effective way possible for you.

What are Specific Dance Moves to Learn in the Class?


  • Basic Belly Dance Stance


The first thing you would learn in belly dancing is the correct standing position. You need to stand in a way that your back is supported well and your tummy muscles are engaged and put to work.


  • Basic Hip Lift and Drops


This dance move is achieved while standing in a basic position. It involves bending the knee to drop the hips and straightening it to lift the hips. It is one of the basic dance moves of belly dancing and it involves continuously lifting and dropping your hips while keeping your knees released.


  • Classical Hip Lift


This move involves lifting the hip upward and slightly forward. This move engages the side of your thighs and hips to achieve an overall routine. In performing this, you would have to place your weight on one foot and step out with the other foot in a tiptoe position.

  • Classical Hip Drop

This belly dance move is achieved by placing your weight on one foot just like you would in the hip lift. The hip drop is the opposite of the hip lift. Therefore, it would require you to slightly lift your working hip upwards and drop the hip downwards in a strong, accented move.


There are numerous health benefits in partaking our beginner belly dance classes:

  • Belly dancing aids in weight loss and stress reduction.
  • It would generally improve your muscle toning, structure and posture.
  • It can flatten your stomach and is hence an appropriate post natal activity.
  • Belly dancing is an excellent pre-natal exercise.
  • By exercising the abdominal area, food can move along the digestive system with greater ease, thereby aiding the digestion process.

What to Wear/Bring to Class

Equip yourself with the right outfit and essential things to bring every time you come to class.


You can wear a mid-riff baring top or a fitting top (if you want to reduce your exposure), and flared pants or skirt. Also, bring a belly hip scarf and other accessories.


Belly dancing is mostly danced barefoot. However, if you feel uncomfortable doing such, you can wear flat shoes or slippers.

What to Bring

  • A bottle of water
  • Extra clothing (shirt and pants)
  • Extra towel


Indeed, belly dancing is a great dance form to learn and perform! So, learn it with us to experience its art and the beauty of Middle Eastern culture and dancing.

Avail our beginner belly dancing class now! See you!