Ballroom Dance Class

Ballroom Dance is a dainty dance form performed by partners or couples. It involves doing rhythmic movements and intricate dance techniques in a patterned sequence. There are 2 types of Ballroom Dance: Smooth-style Ballroom Dancing and Rhythm-style Ballroom Dancing.

In Smooth-style Ballroom Dancing, the pattern of the movements performed goes in a counter-clockwise motion. On the other hand, Rhythm-style Ballroom Dancing involves doing snappy but sexy movements in a particular dance floor area.

If you want to learn any of these Ballroom Dance types, you are definitely on the right page, for we offer a wide array of Ballroom dance forms you can start learning on.

We offer Ballroom Dance Classes for kids, teens and adults. Our classes are divided for beginner- and intermediate-level students. Also, after the course, you get to showcase your skills in Ballroom Dancing through the competition. Of course, that is definitely something to work on and watch out for!

What Dance Moves Can You Learn From This Class?

  •        Box Step

This dance move is done by moving your feet to form a square. First, you are going to place your feet together with the weight concentrated on your left foot. Then, place your right foot forward and shift the weight on it. Then, move your left foot forward with a proper distance with the right foot, and move your right foot close to the left foot. Then, place your left foot backward then your right foot next, then place both feet together.

  •        Lock Step

The Lock Step is done by crossing your legs to forward and backward step movements. This dance move is popular in Latin/Rhythm Ballroom Dancing, especially when you dance Cha-Cha-Cha.

  •        Grapevine

Grapevine dance move involves continuously doing a side step pattern by crossing one foot behind the other foot and return to original stance. This dance move is executed around 3 times and vice versa.

Types of Ballroom Dance Classes We Offer

  •        Flamenco Dance Class
  •        Foxtrot Dance Class
  •        Tango Dance Class
  •        Argentine Tango Dance Class
  •        Waltz Dance Class
  •        Viennese Waltz Dance Class
  •        Progression – For Beginners, Kids and Adults

Benefits for Those Who Take This Class

Learning the art of Ballroom Dancing comes with a number of great benefits for your health and fitness.

  •        Ballroom dancing enables you to sweat and lose weight because of the routine and moves you are going to execute.
  •        It is a great way of working out to get rid of unwanted illnesses especially heart diseases.
  •        It is a dance form that sends happy hormones to the body, making you feel energized and happy while doing it.
  •        Ballroom dancing is a great way to become flexible so that you can perform other dances easily and more efficiently.
  •        Ballroom dancing helps tone your body to make you look fit and sexier.

What to Wear and Bring to Class

These are the clothing and footwear you should wear, and the things you should bring when going to class.


For men, wearing dress shirt and dress pants would be ideal when Ballroom Dancing. For women, wearing comfortable shirt and leggings is recommended, but as you progress on learning Ballroom Dancing, you may be required by the instructor to practice dancing while wearing a flowing skirt or a formal dress.


Men should wear a special Ballroom shoes with 1-inch heels. On the other hand, women should wear court shoes with 2.5-inch heels.

Must-bring Essentials

There are 3 essentials you must bring in every session: a face towel, an extra shirt and a bottle of water. Don’t ever forget these essentials so that you will look stress-free and stay hydrated during and after the class.

Contact Us

We can also offer private dance lessons to corporate employees, special groups and couples who would like to prepare a special Ballroom dance number for their weddings or social event.

Aside from Ballroom Dancing, we also offer classes on different dance forms such as Salsa, Swing, Jazz, Rumba, Zumba, Rock’n’Roll, Samba, Tap, Merengue, Disco and Bachata. The best news is that you can learn these dance forms at an affordable cost when you choose us!

If you wish to know more about our program and the schedule of our available Ballroom Dance sessions, sign up using our contact form today!

Learn the art of Ballroom Dancing straight from our certified expert instructors. Avail our program now and hope to see you in class.