Ballet Dance Class

Ballet Dance refers to a ballet dance work that consists of the choreography and music for a ballet production. Ballet moves are performed and choreographed by trained artists. Traditional classical ballets are performed with classical music accompaniment and make use of elaborate costumes and staging. Modern ballets, such is often performed in simple costumes like leotards and tights and also without the use of elaborate sets or scenery.

Ballet Steps

These are the Ballet steps and positions you will be learning in your Ballet class. The very first element of the class includes the introduction, posture check as well as feet strengthening exercise.


This is a slow exercise which is used to test how good your posture is. Be sure to hold your back nice and straight. Try as much as possible not to bend forward.  Also, resist any temptation to look down. Your head and eye line must be kept nice and high.

  • Chin up slightly
  • Shoulders down
  • Rib cage pulled up
  • Back straight
  • Behind tucked under
  • And gently rest your hand on the back of your chair – don’t grip too tightly
  • Now turn your feet out from the hip, keeping your legs straight.


Here, you start to make use of your feet a bit more. Slowly slid them along the floor until your toe is fully pointed. While you are learning to point your toe, the exercise is a means of warming up your feet and legs. This is crucial if you have to dance well, and take care of your body simultaneously.


This ballet step refers to the fact that the movement is done using pointe shoes or on half-pointe for beginner dancers (on the balls of your feet). Elevés can be more difficult in some of the five positions than others.


Before you start learning some ballet leaps and other difficult balancing steps, coupés can be a good means to get one foot off the floor without being exceptionally difficult. Coupés are a quick action whereby one foot is lifted off the ground so as to produce a changing of weight from one foot to the other. Learning this in a graceful and artistic way will help you transition into ballet movements as well as ballet leaps.

Perfecting the Steps

The best way to improve in ballet is practicing frequently and to consider your progress with a critical eye.

Services offered

The services we offer include:

We also offer classes for different types of Ballet Dances which include Classical Ballet, Pointe ballet, and contemporary ballet. We also offer Dance Performances and Events.

Why join us

We help in creating awareness about Ballet dance in Singapore, by participation and performance. Our Ballet dance classes are usually open to everyone no matter the age, be it children, teenagers, and adults as well. Provide a fun filled and exciting workout environment is our aim. We also teach Ballet dance skills & techniques.