Ballet Dance Positions and Moves

Ballet is composed of steps, leaps, and turns, and much like any other dance, it is best learned through practice! You can, however, learn about some ballet terms and basic steps on your own.

Let’s Get Started!

Before you can start ballet dancing you need to know ballet positions.

  1. First Position: Put your feet together and spread your feet open. Your heels should touch each other.
  2. Second Position: Maintain your feet pointed outward, but place your feet about a foot apart. Your heels will no longer be touching!
  3. Third Position: Place your feet together, and put one foot slightly in front of the other. The heel of the foot in the front will meet the middle section of your back foot.

Important Ballet Dance Moves

  1. Chassé- One foot follows the other in a leaping motion. As you kick your first food forward the other follows, and appear to almost kick the first foot forward again.
  2. Grand Plié In a grand plié you bend your knees until almost your whole body is towards the floor. Your heels will lift up off the floor, as you bend your knees all the way down, and your legs fold inwards.
  3. Elevés- This ballet dance step is all about lifting up your feet and it is done using pointe shoes or half-pointe shoes.
  4. Assemblé – This step begins with the feet crossed. The back leg kicks out in the air, and both feet return to the ground in their original crossed position. If you want to complete this step beautifully, push off the floor with the leg in the front.

Want to learn more?

Try a ballet dance class to learn ballet dance steps and positions! You can visit our website at to view a full list of ballet dance classes available in the area. Try out a ballet dance class, and see if ballet is for you!

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