Ballet Dance Class for Beginners

Ballet Dance Class For Beginners

Are you looking for a way to lose some weight,  express your inner creativity,  or simply learn something new?  Then you should consider taking a ballet Dance Class.

The ballet is one dance that’s very creative, tactical and sometimes, for me, it’s out of this world. It’s not in the least regular or natural, but dancers make it look so.  Ballet is a very graceful dance and involves lots of air movements that defies the laws of gravity.  Some moves are slow and gracious while others are so fast you’ll miss how it happened; and as a beginner, learning it is one experience you’ll never forget in your lifetime.

What dance moves can I learn at this beginner stage??  

There are a couple of dance moves that are usually done during ballet beginners class.  These moves are the basic moves and without learning them, there’s no moving forward.


This is sometimes considered more of an exercise than a dance step. It’s an exercise that’s used to test your posture. It involves you straightening your back,  lifting your chin up a little bit,  lifting your rib cage up,  raising your hands and putting it slightly over your hair and then turning your feet out from your hips. Like I said, some steps In ballet sound impossible literally but then, practice makes perfect so, on to the next step.


Now we start moving the feet a little bit on the floor; forward and backward – little by little.  In ballet, we use our toes a lot, so this exercise is very important. By doing this move,you are preparing your toes and feet for what lies ahead. So if I were you,  I’d pay rapt attention to this lesson,  because this goes a long way to determining if you’re going to continue or stop.  

These are not the only steps that can be learned in this dance class so I suggest you come and see for yourself.

Benefits of the Ballet beginners dance class.

Health Benefits  

The benefits of this dance to your health cannot be over emphasized.  We already know how good exercise is for our bodies and more than just a creative dance ballet is a good way to work out and lose some weight and cholesterol.  So when you’re coming for class keep this at the back of your mind.  It is a lot of work.  


Ballet is is hard work, true! but it’s also a very creative and an unusual dance. Taking ballet dancing classes will help to broaden your eye of creativity.  You’ll see and feel dance moves in everything you see or do and if you keep going that way,  you’ll soon be on your way to inventing Your Own moves.

Self Expression

Before you consider taking this class you’ll have to understand that dancing ballet most times has to do with your heart and the expression of your emotions. So be prepared because taking ballet classes will make you more open and very free to express yourself to your fullest capacity.

What to bring for bring for this class

You’ll need a couple of things for you class they are

  • A fitted top.
  • Tights
  • Shoes (might not be used yet but get them regardless.)
  • Notepad
  • Water
  • A change of clothes
  • And a bag to keep your stuff.  


Even though a lot of people enrol their kids for ballet beginners classes,  we still have some people who grow up without ballet classes and that’s why we are holding beginner classes. And if you’re interested, then search no more we are very close by.  All you have to do ask around properly and we’ll be glad to see and offer all the services and lessons that we can to you.