Ballet: A Partner Dance

Ballet can be a beautifully stunning partner dance if the two partners know how to dance with each other in rhythm! Being able to feel your partner’s movements can help you to dance in sync with your dance partner. If a dance couple wants to be successful they must work together in every aspect. Both partners need to pay attention to each other and watch each other.

Many female ballet dancers look for certain positive characteristics in their potential male dance partner including confidence, physical strength, and even open-mindedness. The male dancer should usually be slightly ahead of the music so that the woman is exactly in sync with the music. The role of the male dancer can be a little difficult and is often in place to make the female dancer look spectacular.

The male dancing partner needs to be able to hold the female dancer in the correct position, but also provide enough space for the female dancer to complete ballet moves. Although this may be tricky, the advanced dancer should be able to partner with almost any dancer.  Communication and patience are critical on both ends in a ballet couple or partner dance!

Both partners need to be open to criticism and see constructive criticism as an opportunity to improve their skills and enhance their dance partnership and performances. Some balancing feats in ballet are impossible without the support of a partner. Ballet partner dance is for the skilled ballet dancer and is loved by many, but is not accomplished without a lot of hard work and dedication!

If you are already a ballet dancer, you may be interested in learning more about partner or couple dance. If you are just beginning or are interested in learning ballet, try starting with a beginner ballet dance class. To find out more about what ballet dance classes we offer, as well as other dance types, view our “Classes” tab on our website We want to hear from you and what kinds of dance you love! Thanks for reading!

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