Ballet Class For Teens

Ballet Class For Teens

That is suitable class for teenagers that have no prior ballet experience or at most a 3 year dance experience. This class places emphasis on barre work to develop the strength of the dancer. It also moves to teaching positions of center floor and then introduces the teenager to ballet dance steps which are broken down to very simple forms. With the student’s commitment, the sessions in this class prepares the student to high and more complex levels of ballet. This class is also beneficial to those that intend on pursuing other dance forms and activities like gymnastic and musical theater and so on.

Specific dance moves to learn in the class

The dance moves to be learnt in this class evolves round the barre, center floor work and to simplest forms of ballet dance steps


Here, the students are taught slow and gracefully sustained moves. It is either a simple or a complex move and in some cases, the ballerina is partnered with a male dancer. These slow and sustained movements help the dancer to build strength and control


This is a fundamental position in ballet dance which is usually performed in profile. This move can be carried out when the dancer is supported stands on one leg and has the other leg extended behind with a straightened knee


Just as it is spelt, it is the assembling or coming together of both legs in the air. One leg is thrown up in the air and then the other is instantly lifted up so that both legs come together in the air


In this position, the body is supported on one leg and the other leg lifted to the back or the front side with the knee of the dancer in a bent position


One important component of the barre is the long and piped shaped bar that dancers do hold onto for support during warm up. The word barre is actually used to refer to the all the exercises that are performed at the barre at the start of each class


This ballet dance movement is also referred to as a rebound. It is considered to be any movement of the leg


  •         This ballet dance form promoted better posture especially when the student is of a younger age
  •         It sculpts and tones the body of the dancer
  •         When the techniques are well worked on and the students adequately masters the various moves, this dance helps to develop poise and awareness
  •         The body can be relieved of stress this dance form
  •         Flexibility is enhanced and the back and abdominal muscles are strengthened
  •         A creative expression is built up and also promoted in this class

What to wear/ bring to class


  •         Pink or Navy tank leotard
  •         Pink tights
  •         Pink colored ballet shoes
  •         Ankle socks
  •         Note that hair should not be loosed but should be neatly pack at the back


  •         White Ballet t-shirt
  •         Black colored shorts or tights, or even leggings
  •         White socks
  •         Black ballet shoes


The classes offered are suitable for a beginner to a professional dancer. Available to your child are highly qualified teachers who are dedicated to meeting the learning needs and desires of the child. From simple dance forms, dancers are gradually introduced to more complex levels of ballet. Dancers with little bit experience or none at all from age 13 to 19 are welcome onboard. In all, the student will have a wonderful time.