Ballet Class For Kids

Do you think your child is ready for a ballet class? You might have noticed that most babies and toddlers respond happily to the sound of music with enthusiasm. Enrolling your kid for a dance class is a great way for the child to develop an appreciation for good music and an awareness of dance. You child may have started displaying what it takes to take part in learning ballet formally but it is mostly required that the child should be at least three years of age to be eligible for enrollment.

From the age of three, ballet classes are normally referred to as pre-ballet or creative movement classes. The following moves that we shall be discussing will go a long way in enhancing the development of the child’s fine and gross motor skills. This is achieved when the child skips, balances, leaps and moves to the rhythm of the music. So what are you waiting for, get your child enrolled and introduce your kid to ballet dance form which incorporates basic ballet techniques with basic feet, hands and body positions.

Specific dance moves to learn in the class

First position and second position

Out of the five positions, it is advised that kids are taught the first and second positions with their feet. Position is a step in which both knees are in contact with each other. In second position, both arms are raised up sideways at almost right angle to the trunk with both legs spread apart. For arms, the child is taught positions one through five


After the child might have learnt the various positions, they taught the plié. In this step, the kids stand back in the first position and while they keep the heels on the ground, the knees are bent to form a diamond shape. But for the plié’s second position, the heels of the children still remain on the ground and then they instructed to bend their knees to the point of making a house.


The next move that the child will learn is the pose. In this move, one foot is raised up to the leg to the point they connect their toes to their knees. It is ensured that their knees are facing out to their neighbor beside them

Echape sote

This is another good step for them to learn. They start in the first position with both hands and feet and then jump out to the second position also with both arms and feet. For better illustration, you can imagine throwing a beach ball as you move to the second, and then you are receiving the beach ball as you move back to the first.


  •                    This dance form develops fine and gross motor skills of the child
  •                    Early stretching of muscle makes the child grow taller
  •                    It promotes and enhances good posture and flexibility
  •                    The child gains balance and coordination
  •                    It gradually builds up muscular strength and increases cardiovascular endurance

What to wear/ bring to class

Girls Ballet

  •         A Pink short sleeve, but for preprimary and primary ballet, the child should come with a eurotard brand and lilac short sleeve
  •         A scoop neck leotard,
  •         Pink dance tights that are footed or the kid may come with pink or white ankle socks,
  •         A full-sole ballet shoes of pink leather material having an elastic just across the instep
  •         Ensure that her hair is properly pulled back neatly from her face in a ponytail or ballet bun. She should come with a loosed hsar around her face

Boys Ballet

  •         Black knit shorts coupled with a white fitted t-shirt,
  •         Full-sole ballet shoes made of black leather with having an elastic just across the instep
  •         And then a white socks


This dance class is giving an open invitation for dance programs to kids within an age grade in which mastery becomes easy and entertaining. Children between ages three and four are introduced to simple ballet techniques through movement and music. In this class, the natural love of dance of the child is enhanced through body awareness, rhythmic movements and listening skills. All these and even more are achieved in a well structured and yet imaginative atmosphere.