Ballet Barre Class

Ballet Barre Class

Ballet Barre is a type of graceful dance workout that is intended for burning calories and improving flexibility. It includes exercises meant for building and strengthening muscles. Aside from that, Ballet Barre is a great way for you to tone and improve your muscular form.

This activity is a means for you to boost your energy throughout the day. Aside from that, Ballet Barre dancing is an entertaining fitness activity you will certainly enjoy doing.

The reason why Ballet Barre is unique among other dance forms is it provides the best workout and dancing experience in one activity! Also, the best news is that all ages can learn and do Ballet Barre dancing.

If you want to learn this dance workout today, you are definitely on the right page, for we offer Ballet Barre Dance classes for kids, teens and adults, as well as for beginners and intermediate-level dancers. Also, rest assured that our expert dance instructors will teach you the best of this dance form by making it easy and enjoyable for you to follow.

What Dance Moves Can You Learn from This Class?

·        Turning Out

This move will help train your legs to achieve perfect
balance. In this dance move, you need to rotate your legs in a way that your
toes are toward the direction of each side.

·      Pliés

Usually, Ballet Barre routine starts with doing this move.
Pliés are good for stretching your body, specifically the leg muscles. In
ballet, your body needs to be as flexible as possible. Therefore, Plié is a great preparation before you do
any exercise.

·        Jumping

Ballet Barre will enable you to learn how to jump like a
true ballerina. However, it is not the ordinary jumps you are thinking of; it
will require dropping without thumping sounds. Because of this, it will require
you in engaging your ankle, foot, and calf to break the momentum of your fall.

·        Battement Tendu

A Battement Tendu is a Ballet Barre original. This kind
of exercise is one of the basic levels of this workout. It is a move to
condition your legs for better performance in your workouts. This move
is usually done by pointing your toes sideways, forward or backwards.

Benefits for Those Who Take This Class

  •   Ballet Barre helps in improving your focus and concentration abilities.
  •   It is a great activity to improve neuromuscular processes awareness and control.
  •   It helps strengthen your core muscles. It can also help you develop proper posture and physique.
  •     Ballet Barre dancing aids you to become more slender and flexible, allowing you to achieve a better physique.

What to Wear and Bring During Class


Beginner-level dancers should wear capris or yoga pants so that the flexibility of your feet won’t be limited.  There will also be a need to wear tight socks and sports bra (for women). For men, loose t-shirts and tank tops are the ideal choices.


Wear a pair of reliable Ballet shoes that perfectly fits your feet.

Must-bring Essentials

Always bring a face towel, an extra shirt and a bottle of water every time you come to class so that you will feel refreshed and hydrated.

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We can also offer private dance lessons to special groups who would like to make the class extensive and exclusive for their group.

Aside from Ballet Barre Dancing, we also offer classes on different dance forms such as Bollywood, Salsa, Piloxing, Capoeira, Jazz and Samba.

Join our Ballet Barre Dance Class now and learn the best of it from our expert instructors. See you!