How Ballerinas dance on their toes

Have you ever been curious on how ballerinas dance on their toes on the stage in an effortless manner? You might be wondering why it is possible to support your entire body weight on your toes tips. Stay calm, as you are about to understand the secret.

The major secret behind Ballerinas dances lies in the ballet shoes and many years of practice, hard work and experience. Most fascinating dance steps we watch on stage as audiences required several years of training; hard work and determination by the ladies and men who chose to make us happy by performing for us.
Every part of the body is well adapted and trained during ballet dance practice. The toes and finger tips are not excluded. Each step is practiced recurrently until elegance flows and the strength is built. The body structure of a ballet dancer is well shaped to prevent mistake and ensure hard work.

The dream of most young girl is to become a Ballerina but only few can actually make it to the elite band of ballet dancers that dances at en pointe. It requires practice and dedication and not just dreams. After acquiring the ballet bug, all you can imagine is that day when you will be allowed to swap your flat ballet shoes with a ballet point shoe.

A Ballerina needs to build huge strength on every muscle that makes up her legs including her feet, ankles and calves. This requires long period of practice and adequate techniques to ensure the safety of the ballerina when changing into the dancing en pointe. It is important to know that the ballet dancer is not only supported by their toes but also the special design of the ballet pointe shoes. This ensures the balance of the body weight by the whole lower part of the foot and beyond.

Each element that makes up the shoe performs an important function in getting the right fit for every dancer. There is a popular belief that a wooden block exists inside the pointe shoes and there are also myths about the paste of flour and water that traditionally strengthens the box. Paper-Mache is actually the only brand supporting the entire body weight. Gaynor Minden is a brand that eschews the paste and burlap construction. They utilize modern materials to produce shoes that meet up with the 21st-century design requirements.

The box is rectangular in shape and it hugs the toes and the lower part of the foot in a way that keeps the Ballerina’s foot stationary. It makes her foot firm within the shoe and supports her weight thereby boosting the dancer’s confidence level, strength and flexibility in order to perform fascinating displays to amaze viewers on the stage.

Dancer’s feet need to be as strong as possible in order to use the pointe shoe perfectly. When the dancer moves upward on pointe, their toes shouldn’t contact the bottom of the shoe. It feels very painful when the dancer’s toes touch the ground through the shoe.
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