Argentine Tango Dance Class

Argentine Tango Dance Class

Argentine Tango is a sensual and sexy dance that can help boost your confidence and grace on the dance floor. This particular dance form gave birth to the contemporary forms of Tango today such as the Neo-Tango and the Tango Nuevo.

Also, Argentine Tango is a dance form that trains you how to enhance your concentration and confidence in dancing. It also helps you in developing a deep connection with your partner and incorporating your moves with the music in the best way you can.

If you have the heart and feet for dancing, then you should definitely enrol yourself in our Argentine Tango Dance class today! We offer classes on this dance form for kids, teens, adults, and most especially, for couples. Our classes are also divided into 2 levels: beginner and intermediate. This allows us to teach our students Argentine Tango dancing in the best, easiest and most effective way possible.

What Dance Moves Can You Learn from This Class?

  •        Quebrada

Quebrada is a famous dance move performed when doing Argentine Tango dancing. It is usually done by moving the feet sideways to form a circular motion, and then the lady partner will slide her leg in a graceful and sensual way to the direction of her male partner.

  •        Back Corte

Back Corte dance move is executed by moving the right foot backward, then the left foot backward, then the right foot backward again in a side position, then putting both feet together.

  •        Progressive Scissors

This Tango dance move is done by gracefully moving your feet in criss-cross directions, and then returning to your original stance.

Benefits for Those Who Take This Class

  •         Argentine Tango Dancing can help you in your fitness goals by making your body slender and toned.
  •         It helps you fight cardiovascular diseases and other illnesses.
  •         It is an excellent way to improve balance and mobility.
  •         Argentine Tango Dancing helps individuals build their confidence and grace on the dance floor, as well as reduce stress and have fun while working out.

What to Wear and Bring During Class


Men and women are encouraged to wear a loose and comfortable shirt as well as pants that allow free and graceful movement. However, it would be more ideal for women to wear gaucho or flowing skirts when doing Argentine Tango Dancing.


Wearing social dancing shoes for men and women is highly recommended to encourage a more graceful performance.

Must-bring Essentials

Don’t forget to bring a face towel, an extra shirt and a bottle of water every time you come to class.

Contact Us

We can also offer private dance lessons to corporate employees, special groups and couples who would like to prepare a special Argentine Tango dance number for their weddings or social events.

Aside from Argentine Tango Dancing, we also offer classes on different types of Ballroom dances as well as on Jazz, Bollywood, Bachata, Tap and Capoeira dancing.

Enrol in our Argentine Tango Dance class today and learn the best of it straight from our expert instructors. See you!