All About Ballet!

Perhaps one of the most graceful forms of dance of all time is ballet. Performed solo, with a partner, or in an ensemble, ballet dancing is considered a form of art by many. Ballet uses human’s natural instinct to create a flowing dance with highly complicated and unique dance moves. Ballet classes can improve not just your dance skills and moves, but also your patience, your discipline on the dance floor and in life, and your ability to move gracefully!d

The idea of ballet originated in Italy in the 15th Century, however, it was later used in France. Ballet was performed in royal courts, and then on stage for the public! Now, ballet dancing is all over the world. There are many famous ballet dancers from the US, Russia, and China that perform various styles of ballet.

Everyone of all ages can give ballet a try, although if you want to become the best ballet dancer, you should start from when you are a young child! Children as young as three and four can take beginner ballet classes, however, formal ballet training does not usually begin before age seven or eight. Very young children who take ballet can expect to simply learn ballet forms and experiment with dance. Adults can learn ballet too, but they should not expect to become world famous. Many famous ballet dancers have been trained since they were young.

Regardless, many dancers love ballet just because it is a beautiful, graceful dance, it increases the dancer’s strength and flexibility, it requires perseverance, and it is the foundation for learning other dances. Through ballet dancing, you have the ability to become stronger, to work together on a team, to gain your confidence on stage, and to increase your balance too!

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