Aerobics Dance Class

Aerobics Dance Class

Dancing is one of the best activities you can do to stay fit, healthy and stress-free. It involves working the body out while being happy and lively while doing it. Therefore, dancing is a great activity to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Since dancing comes with the best benefits for your health and wellness, it is absolutely an activity you must do regularly! If you want to try working out today through dancing, you might be as well interested in doing aerobic dancing.

What is Aerobic Dance?

Aerobic Dance is one of the basic but fundamental dance forms that are structured to improve one’s health and wellness, especially the body’s muscle and cardiovascular function. It involves cardio and dancing combined in one activity to promote the body’s proper blood circulation and function for better strength and endurance. Therefore, the dance moves and techniques in Aerobic Dancing involve snappy and medium intensity workout routines as you jive into the rhythm of the music.

With the benefits you can get from doing Aerobic Dancing, it is definitely something you should start doing today! The best news is that this dance form can be done by anybody, from the young at age to the young at heart.

If you want to enroll in an Aerobic Dance Class today, you are on the right page, for we offer classes for this particular dance form. Each of our Aerobic Dance session is structured to make workout fun, happy and never boring. Also, you will learn a couple of dance moves you can use in other dance forms when you avail our Aerobic Dance class!

What Dance Moves Can You Learn from This Class?

  •        Step Touch

Step touch involves stepping side-to-side as you follow the rhythm and beat of the music. Step touch is usually paired with arm movements to make the routine more active and energetic.

  •        V Step

This step is executed by placing your feet together to form a V shape, then moving each foot forward and backward alternately.

  •        Chorus Line Kicks

The Chorus Line Kick dance move is done by placing both your hands on your hips and hopping afterwards. As your feet reach the ground, you are going to raise your left leg with your toes pointed and your knee straight. Then, put your left leg down and raise your right leg with your toes pointed and knee straight as well. You are going to do this dance move repeatedly.

  •        Mambo

This dance move is performed by placing your left foot forward, then placing the other foot forward. After which, you place the left foot backward, then place the other foot backward. The Mambo dance move is done repeatedly and is paired with different arm movements.

Benefits for Those Who Take This Class

As you jive with the lively music in Aerobic Dancing, you also get the best benefits for a better and healthier lifestyle.

  •        Aerobic dancing is a great workout since it enables you to sweat, shake off those calories, lose weight and stay fit.
  •        It helps in improving your circulation so your body can utilize oxygen more efficiently.
  •        It aids you in your fitness goals by keeping you away from heart diseases and diabetes.
  •        Aerobic dancing is the best cardio you could do to regain your energy, strength and endurance.

What to Wear and Bring During Class

To effectively perform the movements and choreography in Aerobic Dancing, you must wear the most appropriate clothing in every session and bring the things you will need for the class.


Wearing a loose shirt and tights or jogging pants would be the perfect combo when doing aerobic dancing, so that you will feel easy and comfortable when moving and exercising.


Also, wearing a quality and reliable footwear such as running shoes will allow you to execute every movement easily.

Must-bring Essentials

Bringing a face towel, an extra shirt and a bottle of water comes in really handy. Therefore don’t forget these essentials so that you will have a worry-free dancing and workout experience.

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