Advanced Belly Dance Class

Advanced Belly Dance Class

Belly dancing is a popular Middle Eastern dance form. Originating as a folk dance, belly dancing involves performing intricate but fluid torso movements. Compared to other dance forms and styles, the focus on belly dancing is on the torso, rather than the arms or legs. Also, the execution of the moves must be done in the most graceful, vibrant and sexiest way possible.

Belly dancing is best known for the hip swaying, colorful outfits and the hanging and clanging coins! With the art and grace this dance form emphasizes and puts to life, learning it could be the best part of everyday. Also, belly dancing comes with benefits for health, confidence and physique! So, there’s a lot to love about it!

If you have an experience in learning belly dancing and you want to take it to the next (and highest) level, you are on the right page! We offer advanced belly dance classes for kids and adults. Moreover, the lessons tackled in this level are more complex and of course, exciting and sexier!

What are Specific Dance Moves to Learn in the Class?

The dance moves you will learn in this advanced belly dancing class are divided into 3 categories:

  •        Fluid Movements

The dance moves performed under this category will teach you how to control our abdomen to exhibit fluid belly dancing. Fluid movements include horizontal hip circles and hip waves. Also, these moves are usually done in a continuous manner to produce a more exquisite belly dancing performance.

  •        Percussive or Staccato Movements

The movements under this belly dancing category dwell on moving the hips according to the beat of the music. Percussive or staccato movements include hip lifts, hip twists, hip drops and hip rocks.

  •        Shimmies and Shimmers

The dance moves under the shimmies and shimmers category focus on quick and continuous execution. It includes up-and-down hip shimmies, twisting hip shimmies, ribcage shimmies and bouncing shimmies.


Aside from the fun and exciting learning experience you’ll get in our belly dancing class, you also develop these health benefits:

  •        Belly dancing helps you lose weight.
  •        It is effective in toning the muscles and improving body posture.
  •        It helps build a healthy digestive system.
  •        You’ll feel less stressed with the fun you’ll get in learning the dance.
  •        For soon-to-be-mommies, belly dancing is a perfect way to prepare for childbirth.

What to Wear/Bring To Class

You must be equipped with the right outfit and essential things every time you come to our belly dancing class.


You can wear a body-fit t-shirt or sports bra, and some comfy workout pants. Also, since you are already in our advanced belly dance classes, you are encouraged to wear a hip scarf with coins and coin anklets.


Traditionally, belly dancing is performed barefoot. However, you can wear socks, jazz shoes or ballet slippers, if you prefer.

Essential Things to Bring

EVERYTIME you come to class, don’t forget to bring these things:

  •        Bottle of water (the bigger, the better)
  •        Face towel
  •        Extra shirt and pants
  •        Slippers


Avail our advanced belly dancing classes, and guaranteed you’ll have a fun-filled learning experience! Contact us now and see you in the next session.