Advanced Ballet Class

Advanced Ballet Dance Class

Being a professional ballet dancer will not just be something to be happy about,  it will be something to be proud of.  Something to be glad you experienced, you might say it’s not a big deal but if you’ve been dancing for a while then it’s time you attain this particular achievement for yourself and start feeling good about it.  Advanced ballet also referred to as professional ballet is a stage in ballet where more complicated steps and moves are learned and we’ll be listing and explaining some of them for you to see. In advanced ballet class we don’t just learn moves,  we learn moves from branches of ballet and to help make us versatile.  

Dance moves in Advance Ballet class

Classical Ballet  

Now this is a type of ballet introduced into advanced ballet Dance Class to help learners know about the origin of ballet and the traditional dance steps from the onset of the dance style.

Modern Ballet

This is for the new generation. And the dance moves learned here are purely new dance steps and as a result of new inventions from ballet dancers of time past.  Learning these dance steps will help you become a ballerina in no time.

Pointe Ballet.

The pointe ballet is one type of ballet that involves the express use of your toes. And so it is really advised that if you’re not beyond the ages of 14 you shouldn’t try this at home. .

Benefits of the Advanced Ballet class.

Mind and brain exercise

Advanced ballet has got to be the most calculative, swift and near impossible kind of dance ever.  If you’re not a fast thinker,  improvisor and calculative person then you might want to become one because advanced ballet challenges your mind to do some extra work than normal.  After taking this class I guarantee you a very fast mind and swift movement on the dance floor.  


Taking advance classes is just like opening greater doors for yourself. Companies are looking for ballerinas with vast experience in all types of ballet and this is knowledge you can only get at an advanced ballet lesson. So whenever you’re training just remember the opportunities that will knock after your training days are over, and use them as motivations to keep going.

Health Benefits.

Outside the opportunities that advance ballet classes offer,  it also offers health benefits like keeping fit.  Loss of cholesterol, good heart rate and a more healthy look.  You can just think about it as your Daily Dose of exercise whenever you go for the day’s lesson.

Creativity and self expression  

Advanced ballet dancing is not limited to just one type of dance, it gives room for different varieties of ballet dancing and you’re allowed to perform and learn as many more skills as you want to take part in. With its diversity,  it allows you to share the ideas of your heart and the moves you’ve been wanting to try out, thereby creating a new step and also letting out your creativity.  

What do I bring to class.

For every standard ballet class, there’s usually a list of things you need to do and bring to class for your training and I’ll state them now.  

Hair : you must pack your hair into the traditional ballet hair bun.

Clothes: a well fitted top, ballet skirt is optional,and a tights.  

Shoes: pointe shoes are very appropriate for advanced ballet don’t leave them behind.  

Other things you should bring include water for hydration,  a change of clothes and footwear.


Getting this far is an achievement that you won’t hide and soon as you can partake in the lessons and start learning the steps, you’ll start loving yourself all over again.  You should take this opportunity because it’s a window to greater strides. Whenever you’re ready to take lessons then reach out to us and get set for the best experience of your life.  See you in class.