Adult Dance Class

The Adult dance consists of different types of Adult Dances like Adult Ballet Class, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Ballroom dance and Latin Dance. Our adult dance glass provides you as an adult the opportunity to workout, as well as increase your strength and flexibility.


We offer a variety of ballet technique classes for dancers of all levels of experience. Whether learning the principles and fundamentals of the art form or working on artistry and technique, all classes stress proper and healthy alignment, challenging traveling exercises, technical proficiency, and musicality in an engaging, fun, and creative space. It is also accompanied by live music.

Contemporary Dance Styles:

With the leadership of artists from the other dance scene, students engage in creativeness, floor work, and technical exercises so as to improve their artistic expression, full-body fluidity, and dynamic specificity using vocabulary which is relevant in our current contemporary world.

Modern Dance Styles:

These classes centers on spirals, contractions, basic floor work, and elemental concepts of space, time and force developing musicality, technical proficiency,  and rhythmic accuracy.

Jazz, Hip-Hop, And Tap

Our Jazz and Hip-Hop Dance classes take from the classical jazz dance technique focusing on body isolations, modified rhythms.

Tap Dance also takes from both Broadway and contemporary Rhythm-Tap styles, working on its precision and musicality. Each class gives students the opportunity to improve their skills through choreography and/or structured creativeness.

Fitness & Somatic Classes

This includes various classes including Yoga, Pilates, and more. These classes are a significant part of overall wellness and health. Classes lay emphasis on a mindful approach to movement, focusing on increased strength, flexibility, as well as the use of breath.

Dance Workout

This combines high energy, muscle-toning exercise with creative and musical dance combinations. It  can be a means whereby students can get fit while exploring the dance styles of West African, Latin salsa, and the soul-filled Caribbean.

World Dance

This consists of a wide range of dance styles from all around the world giving students the opportunity to expand their dance vocabularies and work on technique gotten from a multitude of traditions and cultures.

Why join us

We help create publicity about Adult Dance in Singapore, through participation and performance. Our Adult Dance classes are open to every age, be it teenagers likewise adults. Our aim is providing a fun and exciting workout atmosphere as well as teaching Adult Dance skills & techniques.