About Us

We are a group of dance enthusiasts who also experienced the pains in our search for our dance classes – the inconvenience of searching for dance studio, not knowing exactly what type of dance class available, looking up numerous dance schools to find the ideal time slot, not understanding the progression of each dance genre, or even the quality of the dance instructors’ teaching. This initiative started from a seed of the idea to address these issues and deliver added value to everyone who desires to pick up any type of dancing. Whether you are looking for kids’ dance classes or exotic dance classes or hip hop dance classes, we strive to meet your preferences and needs through Dancingmeow.com in terms of various levels, types and events.

Vision – Connect everyone through dancing

We strive to provide a quality convenient platform for everyone to appreciate dancing and let dancing open their hearts to connect through collaborating of like-minded partners.
“Dance not only to impress but also to express.”

Mission – Spread the love of dancing to everyone

We do our best to source for a variety of the dance professionals and companies that are as committed to teaching beginners and recreational dancers, as well as to train the experienced dancers for performances and events.

Values – Quality, Inspiration, Dedication, Fun

We believe in engaging partners who are dedicated to delivering quality and fun dance classes consistently. We hope that, in turn, you will also inspire your friends, family or colleagues to develop a love for dancing too!

Whether you’re aspiring to be the leading lady in Swan Lake or just a little curious, we invite you to discover more.

Contact us if you have any questions or better yet, sign up for a class. You’ll soon see that everyone is welcome; young or old, new or experienced, novice or expert. Take the first step in dancing and we’re sure that you will be loving this! Even better if you can bring your friends along for a session of dancing and socializing!

If you’re a dance instructor, we want you.

If you are aspiring or experienced dance instructor, we’re always looking for talented, enthusiastic and engaging professionals to join our team. Please check out our career section and give us a call. We’ll be happy to speak with you!