A Guide to Salsa Dancing


If you are new to salsa dancing, there is a high probability that you will have a feeling of anxiety and enthusiasm, especially during your first salsa dance class. You should understand that your class mates are all starters just like you and are probably feeling the same way as you.

Singapore has different Salsa Dance clubs but it is advisable to take the dance lesson if you have not practiced before. In salsa dance class, you will be taught every necessary step from beginner to the advanced level. Dancers are taught the basic dance at first, next is the partner work which requires couples mastering their turn patterns, perform multiple spins and move with style. The lesson is concluded with the “Shines”. In this step, dancers are required to showcase their style and movements to the audience. Here are some tips that will guide you through your Salsa dance lesson.

You need to be conscious of time because turning up late can delay the commencement of the class. Showing up at the end of a lesson is not a good way to start as it affects your mates and teacher.

Always dedicate maximum concentration and show a sign of respect especially when your salsa teacher is teaching

Dancing is fun
No matter how frustrated you feel, always understand that dancing is fun. Your instructor will make you realize how enjoyable salsa dance is. If you are not doing too well while practicing, just try to enjoy the dance

A comfortable type of dance
You should feel comfortable to ask anyone to dance. Salsa is a very social dance type and everybody in your class has a similar dance motive.

Feel refreshed before dancing
Make sure you freshen up and use a nice deodorant as you might scare your mates away if you have body odor. Even though they won’t complain to you, they’ll just prefer not dancing with you.

Avoid dangerous accessories
Salsa dance requires close contact; you should avoid using injury prone accessories such as belts or jewelry as this can damage your partner’s clothing.

Don’t get carried away
Don’t lose focus as a result of excitement during a dance. You should ensure that your partner feels relaxed and enjoys the dance without any worries of getting hurt

Avoid negative excuses during a dance
There is high probability of women asking men to dance hence; you should avoid any flimsy excuse that will make you reject a dance request

Salsa dancing is a means of getting social with your mates and acquiring new dancing skills. It is fun and improves your relationship with various people. Apart from the dance movements, Salsa dancing helps to keep your body in good shape and teaches you how to groom and work together with your partner.

The given tips will help you a lot during your salsa dance. Salsa dance is a nice method to shape your body by using all your muscles. After mastering the Salsa dancing steps, you can put on your dancing shoes and outfits, put on your make up, search for your partner and have fun.

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