10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Dance Salsa

Salsa dancing break into the scene of Hollywood when movies such as Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights was very popular with the young adults. I still remember the first time i watched Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights, I thought to myself “Wow she looked amazing on the dance floor!”

EVen though Salsa dancing is one of the most popular latin dances in the world, with many thousands of people taking up Salsa, there are still 10 reasons why you shouldn’t dance salsa.

As a woman, you will feel as sensual as never before while you do the turns, and spins with your partner. Your actual husband/ boyfriend may wonder where did your new air of confidence come from.
You may need to do more shopping and create a small hole in your pocket as the various sexy salsa costumes put you in the mood to shop or dream of owning the perfect dress to dance salsa in.
Dancing with a partner is never easy and you may be more conscious of your weight and shape. Thus, prompting you to eat less or exercise more.
Whenever you hear Latin songs, you may start tiptoeing away no matter where you are and cause a ruckus where you go.
You may gain a new group of friends who are like-minded as you and as into salsa dance. Your old friends may wonder what happen to you and why you have “disappeared” from their gatherings/messages
For men, dancing salsa show off your suaveness side and help you to attract more ladies who want to dance with you. Be prepared for the flocks of ladies coming your way. Whoever wanna be drowned by girls?
Regardless your age, Salsa dancing will keep you younger, not older. If you doesn’t want to appear younger or more nimble, you should not dance salsa.
Of course Salsa dancing will bring you out of the funk faster, If you want to feel sorry for yourself, this is not for you. Who wants to be so cheerful all the time? Nope, that is just so surreal.
Salsa dancing is more addictive than playing Candy Crush. You don’t need to jump through levels and you can dance salsa with any one.
Salsa dancing also help you reduce your falls as it improves your balance (remember most salsa dancers wear heels to spin and turn). You may think being a klutz is something to be proud of, then you wouldn’t want to join the throng of salsa dancers!
Tell us if you have any more reasons for not joining Salsa! We love to hear all your stories!

If these reasons still don’t detract you from wanting to learn Salsa Dancing, feel free to pop over to our Salsa Dance Class and sign up for your preferred class. We will match you to the best studio / dance instructor.

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